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Recommended by our photo tour leaders
omovalley tribes 3 Spaces Available

Ultimate Ethiopia – Omo Valley Photo Tour 2025 US$7,995 Single supplement: US$485

19 Jan 2025 - 26 Jan 2025
8 Days
6 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader
bhutan photo tour New Tour

Bhutan – Exploratory Photo Tour 2025 US$8,595 Single supplement: US$1,875

13 March 2025 - 20 March 2025
8 Days
7 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader
uganda photo tour 3 Spaces Available

Uganda – Great Apes & Wildlife Photo Safari II 2024 US$8,995 Single supplement: US$970

12 Nov 2024 - 22 Nov 2024
12 Days
6 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader

Polar Photo Expeditions

Antarctica photo tour Spaces Available

Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia Photo Expedition 2024 US$45,695 - US$74,371 Single supplement: Please Contact Us

16 Dec 2024 -  07 Jan 2025
23 Days
10 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader
svalbard photography expedition Spaces Available

Svalbard – Winter Photo Expedition I 2025 US$10,495 - US$10,995 Single supplement: Please contact us

07 Apr 2025 – 15 Apr 2025
9 Days
12 Guests + 2 ORYX Leaders
tour featured image (1) 3 Spaces Available

Svalbard – Ice Lover Photo Expedition II 2025 US$10,495 - US$10,995 Single supplement: Please contact us

10 June 2025 - 18 June 2025
11 Days
12 Guests + 2 ORYX Leaders


ORYX Photo Tours was conceived after Marius Coetzee and Adam Riley converted a dream into reality, and we have been in the business of delivering outstanding photographic experiences to our guests for the past 13 years – transforming our guest’s dreams into experiences that will remain with them in abstract form as memories, and also in many cases as digital ones in the form of millions of pixels depicting a moment in time as displayed on a screen or as a print. The ORYX way is to make sure both these versions are as exceptional as possible.

Our office team has amassed over a century of experience in the travel industry, and we pride ourselves on our dynamism, adaptability and relentless desire to deliver a world-class photographic and holiday experience to our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you on an ORYX photo tour ! #ORYXliveyourdreams

Yours sincerely,

Marius Coetzee, Adam Riley
& the Team at ORYX
madagascar photography tours
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Our photo leaders and partners are carefully selected for their exceptional photographic, tutoring and hosting skills. They are highly experienced and skilled photographers, as well as passionate and patient teachers, all of which are essential skills for ensuring a well-run and enjoyable photo tour.

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Our expert office staff has the capacity necessary to keep abreast of the complex arrangements that efficient and organized travelling requires. Our hard-working and passionate team are dedicated to making your photographic travel dreams a reality – there is no task too big or small!

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Want to know what it’s like to be on an ORYX photo tour? Check out our Behind the Scenes images, read our Client Testimonials, Client Blog Posts, and more from guests who have had incredible experiences taking photographs in their dream locations. This can be your experience!


Our Promise To You


All our tours are created and conducted with the guarantee that when you choose to travel with ORYX, your dreams will be made a reality. We will not only reach your travel and photographic expectations, but hope to exceed them in more ways than you ever imagined.

Each individual member at ORYX wholeheartedly believes in our collective ethos and takes it very seriously to ensure that it is applied to every avenue of our company and work tasks.

Reward yourself and live your dreams with an ORYX Photo Tour today!


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Reviews by ORYX Guests

Feedback from our fans


Mongolia was fascinating, a trip which I will always remember with a smile on my face. Lovely group, Sam was just beautiful, tour guides and drives endlessly helpful and kind, I cannot praise everybody enough. We would happily recommend this tour to everybody, who wants great company, interesting people and see a totally different and interesting way of life. Thanks for arranging it so beautiful, you and your team deserve all the recognition! Sam was not just the prefect hostess, but also was extremely patient with us and taking photographs. Hope to go on another trip with your team soon. Keep well and successful (as you deserve!)

Sabine Sarikhani, United Kingdom

Kenya - Mara Migration

This was my first experience with ORYX Photo Tours and I came on this trip with high expectations, especially on the migration and river crossing part. What struck me most was the massive wildlife in the area and how close we came to it at various sightings. It is almost unreal to get to see close ups of Lion kills, Cheetah kills and a Leopard in only 3 days. The local Maasai scouters in great cooperation with our ORYX photo tour guide, Penny Robartes, did a fantastic job and kept the energy up throughout 12-14 hours day trips. Excellent photo coaching by Penny on site was also a great contribution for higher quality images… Well done!! I have now added several thousands of new great images that I will enjoy reviewing in the months ahead.

Jon Knutsen, Norway


Having travelled with ORYX Photo Tours on two previous occasions when I decided to visit India again they was the first choice company to arrange it for me .I wanted some culture to sit alongside an Indian wildlife experience. The trip was perfect – great hotels, great sightseeing and best of all wonderful wildlife. Our tiger sightings were phenomenal and I we really could not have asked for more. The local guides were excellent and Marius Coetzee (our ORYX photo tour leader) could not do enough for us and improved everyone’s photography over the course of the trip. We have all decided to travel with ORYX Photo Tours in India again next year and look forward to another great trip.

Alan Sturrock, United Kingdom


Nancy and I had an absolutely fabulous time travelling and photographing with Dale in Borneo. We came home with some spectacular images of primates, and with so many of them it’s going to take us weeks to get through them all and process all the ones we want to. We were very impressed with all of the arrangements ORYX Photo Tours made to assure that this was a very high quality trip. The ground agents, the lodges, the local guides, the transportation, were all absolutely first class. Thanks again for such a superb photo tour. We hope to travel with ORYX again soon!

Chuck and Nancy Bell, USA


Hi Nicolette, Thanks to you and the entire ORYX Photo Tours team. This was truly the experience of a lifetime. My only wish was that my wife was there to share it with me. Having said that Penny did everything possible to make this trip the absolute best it could be. She was so attentive – to both shooting and post production, that I know my photography skills took a big jump forward. I have been on many photo expeditions over the last 6 or 7 years and Penny’s instruction and attention were well beyond what I have experienced previously.

Lorne Martin, Canada


I travel overseas 18 times a year, many of these being photo tours. Ethiopia is not an easy destination – truly beautiful but definitely hard roads and weather conditions. This is a trip that I had been planning for 2 years. I went through every single Tripadvisor review on Ethiopia and looked at many webpages of travel agents and photographers offering photo expeditions to this place. During our trip, we bumped into a few other travel expeditions by other travel companies. It is clear that the deal given to me by ORYX Photo Tours was the best. Everything was carefully planned, we did not have to compete with other tour groups. Very happy with this trip altogether…my highest recommendations. Thank you Marius once again for making all this possible!

Robin Yong, Singapore


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ORYX Photo Tours has since 2010 offered luxury African photography tours with an ever growing portfolio that has expanded to cover every continent on earth. One of our strengths remains constructing the perfect custom photo tour for you! Botswana offers excellent wildlife photography and high end accommodation, and we at ORYX simply love arranging a Private African Photo Safari’s to this landlocked nation for just this reason – bespoke travel doesn’t get better, and the opportunities for a holiday of a lifetime are sensational. Ethiopia is a nation of huge variety, from both a wildlife and cultural standpoint, with high mountain moorlands home to numerous endemics, and hot, Acacia-strewn lowlands, home to some of the most unique tribes on earth. ORYX has a strong connections in Ethiopia, and a tailor made photo safari to this nation is something we do better than anyone! Kenya, the “home of the safari” is a just an amazing place to enjoy a private photo safari with its classic, heart-wrenchingly beautiful scenery, fabulous wildlife and effective travel system to allow easy access to various portions of the country such that bespoke photo tours can function seamlessly. The world’s fourth largest island is Madagascar, and we have a proud tradition of Custom photography tours to this Indian Ocean marvel. A biodiversity hotspot, a tailor made photo safari can easily incorporate the rich eastern rainforests, abode of many lemurs, herps and birds and the dry, spiny and otherworldly south, which is home to the celebrated Ring-tailed Lemur amongst others. A desert wonderland, Namibia showcases colourful, textured desert scenes with surprising amounts of wildlife and is simply perfect for a private photo tour. Aerial photography of the landscape is a must do – something we routinely arrange for tailor made African photography tours! Rwanda lies in Africa’s mountainous central highlands on the edge of the western, “Albertine” Rift and is fast becoming the perfect add-on to one of Kenya or Tanzania due to its habituated Mountain Gorillas. A Private African Photography Tour to this small, friendly nation will surely make you fall in love with the people, gorillas and lovely photo opportunities! Rounding off the southern edge of the “Dark Continent” is South Africa, and what a place for a bespoke photo tour! Home to world-class wildlife photography, wines and food, and backed by sensational accommodation, this has got to be one of the contenders for best place in Africa for a Luxury African Photography Tour! Home to the Serengeti, the world’s most famous game reserve, the stunning Ngorongoro Crater and Africa’s tallest mountain, the iconic Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is an excellent choice for a private photo safari. It is a beautiful country with superb wildlife viewing and is just marvellous for filling ones portfolio with wonderful images and mind with memories on a private photo tour. Zambia receives less attention than it really should! This central African country has a long safari tradition and is well set up to accommodate travellers on a bespoke photo tour; from Victoria Falls to game rich South Luangwa and through to the broad Busanga Plains, Zambia has the wildlife, scenery and accommodation that make it perfect for a Luxury African Safari! Sharing Victoria Falls with its northerly neighbour across the Zambezi, Zimbabwe is another world-class safari destination. Surprisingly well set up for bespoke travel, Zimbabwe protects some sizeable areas which also have incredible accommodations and wildlife, from scenic Mana Pools to rugged Hwange, this nation is an excellent place in which to enjoy a private safari.

Borneo is a tropical island that is home to an astonishingly good level of infrastructure and amazing tropical wildlife! A Custom photography tour could allow you to be photographing Orangutans in the lowland forests of Danum Valley in the morning, and sipping cocktails overlooking the South China Sea by sundown! With superb mammals, birds and macro opportunities, Borneo truly is a good candidate for a private photo tour. India really has few equals – a massive country with diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife, it is poised to take Asian luxury travel to a new level. It has the history, iconic wildlife and dramatically luxurious accommodation to make bespoke travel a dream. ORYX has a many years of experience in this nation, and we love setting up Private photography holidays to India! Mongolia is remote, but beautiful and truly unique culturally, and is the perfect place for people willing to rough it on an adventurous custom photo tour – the rewards are huge, as will be your photographic portfolio! Nepal is synonymous with the Himalayas, although Bespoke photography Tours to this small nation are typically focussed on Kathmandu and its surrounds’ cultural photography. On clear days, one can sometimes gaze onto the planets most lofty peaks from the capital! An enormous nation, Russia has inhospitable areas that by virtue of their remoteness, are wildlife havens, such as the far north-east: just the place for a photo safari to capture iconic images of Polar Bears and other Arctic wildlife. “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and pristine countries in the world. This mountain nation still retains much of its forest cover, and also has a very strong cultural identity, which is evidenced in the dress traditions of the people. Visiting a dzong, or “temple fortress” is a must on a Bespoke photo tour! Sri Lanka is a friendly country that is well suited to offering a Private photography tour. Home to a variety of Asian wildlife, it offers superb opportunities to photograph Leopard and Asian Elephant, and furthermore is an endemic hotspot, meaning that itinerant wildlife photographers will benefit immensely from a custom photo tour to this island!

Antarctica is truly a frontier of travel, but we can do a Tailor made photo safari to this outlandish place – this is bespoke travel at its most outlandish! Papua New Guinea is best known for its Birds of Paradise and wildly decorated tribes. It is an island that is covered in large tracks of tropical forest, is still fairly wild, and begging to be explored on a photo safari! Photographing mainly from hides, Finland allows excellent opportunities to photograph Eurasian wildlife such as Wolverine, Brown Bear, Golden Eagle, Black Grouse and Great Grey Owl and is place that is perfectly set up for a Private Photo Tour. Svalbard is truly the gateway to the Arctic and is the best place to photograph the iconic Polar Bear, and ORYX can arrange Bespoke Photo Tours to this fascinating archipelago. Alaska is the USA’s most sparsely populated state, but on the reverse side it has excellent wildlife areas which benefit from the low human populations. It is wild, beautiful and a place that is perfect for a photography tour. At the junction of North and South America, Panama is a rainforest clad country that is the perfect introduction to Neotropical wildlife. With a huge array of birds, amphibians and mammals and an excellent ground team, a bespoke photo tour to Panama can be arranged that will deliver superb photographic opportunities! Argentina and Chile share the sensational landscapes of Patagonia, an area that is known for its craggy mountains, ice, and Pumas, and Photo safari’s to these countries are excellent ways to enjoy these worthy photographic subjects. A Photo safari to Bolivia is a landscape photographers dream, with an incredible array of colours and textures on Salar de Uyuni and the Andes! Brazil is the undoubtedly the best wildlife destination in South America, and one that is well suited to bespoke travel. Home to the Pantanal, the best place on earth to see Jaguars, a tailor made safari to this sizeable country is sure to deliver an amazing holiday and portfolio of images! An incredible country, Colombia is now a safe and appealing travel destination with a huge cultural appeal, making it an attractive place to enjoy a Photography tour. Ecuador and its most celebrated island, the Galapagos, are products of various geographical and environmental factors, with a Private Photo tour to these areas able to offer incredible biological treasures as well as rich cultural experiences. Many people associate the high Andes with Peru, and this country is certainly home to some of the most legendary South American scenery such as around Machu Picchu, making it a must for a Tailor Made photo safari!

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