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It has been some two hours that we have been journeying down the Kinabatangan River in a fast moving speed boat on our Borneo photo safari. Proboscis monkeys, with their weird floppy noses have watched from their vantage points high

Tiger, tiger burning bright. That's how the poem starts… My guests and I are here in Ranthambore National Park on our tiger photography tour, in North-West Indian state of Rajasthan, and this striped beauty that we are photographing is not burning bright;

Dale Morris captures the harsh beauty — and wildlife — of the Southern Ocean islands and the Great White Continent on a polar voyage for a photo safari like no other! The Russian research vessel upon which I am about to

I sit in a small motorboat in a shallow tributary of the Paraguay River in Brazil’s flooded Pantanal region. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place, alive with jungle trees and bright green swamps, the idyllic backdrop for Pantanal tours. The boat’s

I’m aboard the Russian research vessel, ‘The Akademik Ioffe’ on a voyage out of Ushuaia in Argentina all the way down to the Antarctic Peninsula. It’s a long journey of well over a thousand kilometers through the infamously rough and

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