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Beautiful Borneo by Ersten Imaoka

Dale Morris is the consummate professional, and during our Borneo tour, was always there for us when we needed advice and assistance to properly frame a photo, whether it be a telephoto, wide angle or macro shot, taking into account such factors as subject positioning, lighting and background. He made sure we were in the ideal position to get a photo, meaning that he himself, unselfishly, was often outside of that sweet spot until he made sure we had gotten our memorable shot. His patience was appreciated as I sometimes fumbled getting all my settings correct during the multitude of photographic conditions we encountered, from the intense daylight of the midday sun, to the deep shadows under the forest canopy. Never overbearing, truly unflappable, always helpful and just plain fun to be around, as Dale is an unpretentious and likeable guy.

The Borneo tour fulfilled all my expectations, and then some. Seeing orangutans and proboscis monkeys in the wild was a stunning experience. Night tours gave us two unforgettable treats — the elusive Western tarsier, and the marbled cat, the latter which our able local guide, Hazman, who accompanied us throughout the trip, and our ORYX guide, Dale Morris, had never seen before!

The food throughout the trip was a gastronomical delight, and the Borneo Rainforest Lodge’s cuisine has to be singled out, as it was truly remarkable, and rivaled the best offerings found in the finest restaurants of Europe. The head chef prepared diverse offerings each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a way to start off and top off each glorious day!

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