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ORYX Client Image Portfolio 2015

2015 was a year filled with many great photographic adventures and experiences. What makes it all the more worthwhile is being able to share them with you.

In tribute to our clients who have made ORYX the company it is, many long-standing, many new, the ORYX team is dedicated to showcase your passion, your images, and your experiences. We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support and loyalty.

Without further ado, let us present you the ORYX Client Image Portfolio 2015!

*All images captured on tour with ORYX


© Elize Hardy, USA

Elisa Hardy 

“Everything was well planned and organized, the lodges were very pleasant, and the local guides were excellent. We saw every animal on the list and got great photos. I hope you know how lucky you are to have Dale, because he’s a star among photographer tour leads.

He’s not only an extremely talented photographer for wildlife, macro, landscapes, and people, he’s a fountain of interesting knowledge about flora and fauna, and he has an innate ability with animals that’s a big advantage when photographing them. Even if we don’t see what we’re looking for while searching for wildlife, he can always find something cool and unusual to photograph in an interesting way, so it’s fun all day long and never boring. When it comes to non-photography guide-related tasks, he takes charge and is competent in every way. 

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to traveling with Oryx again in the future.”

© Greg Cowle, USA

© Nancy Bell, USA

Chuck & Nancy Bell 

“Nancy and I had an absolutely fabulous time travelling and photographing with Dale in Borneo. We came home with some spectacular images of primates, and with so many of them it’s going to take us weeks to get through them all and process all the ones we want to. We were very impressed with all of the arrangements ORYX made to assure that this was a very high quality trip. The ground agents, the lodges, the local guides, the transportation, were all absolutely first class. 

Thanks again for such a superb trip. We hope to travel with ORYX again soon.”


© Arby Lipman USA Website

© Arby Lipman USA Website

© Simon Pang, Hong Kong


© Alan Hinde, Australia

© Alan Hinde, Australia

Alan and Michelle Hinde

“Dale was an excellent guide. His enthusiasm is infectious and knowledge of the wildlife and environment is outstanding. He was a pleasure to be with and we all gained from his photographic expertise. All four of us would travel with Dale on another ORYX trip without hesitation.” 

© Michelle Hinde, Australia

© Michelle Hinde, Australia


© Christa Papworth, Australia
© Art Ryan, Australia

YY Chin

“It does not matter whether you are an adventurer, photographer, traveller or tourist, the Omo valley in Ethiopia, has a special appeal. Its exotic name conjures mystery, mysticism and certainly, a road less travelled. Returning to the Omo valley, I found that the experience second time around was better than the first. This was mainly due to the people that I was travelling with. The leader of our team was Marius Coetzee, a superb photographer, who is the CEO of Oryx Photographic Expeditions (Pty) Ltd. 

Marius was always ready to share with us his experiences and tricks of the trade of a photographer extraordinaire. The organisation by Oryx is immaculate and excellent and the vehicles, drivers, cook, guide used were world class. The company took care of everything. It was a 13 day well spent, I returned from the trip certainly a better photographer and more knowledgeable in the culture of the various tribes of the Omo valley. I certainly also left the valley as a better human being.”

© YY Chin, Malaysia


© David Farmer, Canada

David Farmer

“The trip was outstanding in every way. The photographic experience was superb, with magnificent opportunities for capturing images of whooper swans, grey geese and numerous other birds to the extraordinary sights and sounds of black grouse lekking, to eagles, to a magnificent great grey owl, to a close up experience with a bear and an even closer experience with a wolverine, along with many other creatures.

The success of our trip was ensured by Jari Peltomaki, whose deep knowledge of, and commitment to conservation of the natural environment deepened our appreciation of what we saw. As you know, Jari has a well earned international reputation in wildlife photography and was very willing to pass on his experience and techniques. His swift reaction to our practical needs and his unfailing good humour made every day a warm and pleasurable experience. Altogether this was a memorable event in our lives.”

© David Farmer, Canada


© James Fitzgerald, South Africa

James Fitzgerald 

“I wanted to thank you again for a great trip. I personally learnt a great deal from you, and I know that Mark and Eszter share that view. I also appreciated the fact that you gave preference to us over your own shots – no doubt missing some great opportunities. It was exactly what I was looking for!”


© Doug Morris, Canada

Doug Morris

“The trip was one of the best photo trips I have had in recent years. Although the landscape was challenging as well as the ability to get clear shots of the animals in the rainforest, your representatives in the field made the trip. The organization you hired in Madagascar were first rate. The ability to meet the challenges of Air Madagascar as well as the other bumps on the road were outstanding. Do not lose this group.Dale Morris is a real pro. Not only did he organize the photoshoots to optimize our ability to get the right shots, but his expertise in the field as it related to the more technical aspects of photography (flash, exposure comp, lens selection etc.) made the trip. Do not lose him. I would have no trouble recommending your organization to my camera friends in Toronto, and I look forward to dealing with your organization in the future.”

© Doug Morris, Canada


© Yvonne Pang, Hong Kong

Marna Terblanche

“We all dream of experiences in the bush that will stay with us during the times we need to remember something to lift our spirits. Capturing a moment the best you can, that’s what photography is about isn’t it. And in the bush when you are in awe of the beauty around you, capturing that image is so rewarding. It brings hours of smiles and sharing and for years to come that safari and taking that photograph will stay with you, remind you of the smells, sights and feeling you had when taking that photograph. 

We have been fortunate enough to experience a photographic safari with Marius Coetzee co-founder of ORYX Bespoke in hauntingly beautiful Namibia this year. This bespoke trip created by ORYX, with Marius’s great hosting and photographic teaching made all my dreams come true. Having been on many safaris I can honestly say this was the best. Marius and his love for photography inspired us and seeing the beautiful landscape captured through your lens…..words can’t describe it.”

South Africa

© Nima Sarikhani, UK

© Nima Sarikhani, UK


© Skye Meaker, South Africa

© Skye Meaker, South Africa

Thank you again to all our clients for your continuous support and loyalty. Please do not hesitate to share your images with us as we would love to continue the growth of our ORYX Client Image Portfolio.

For more information on our worldwide photographic tours that specialize in wildlife, landscape and culture, please do contact us and we will happily assist you.

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