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Namibia Testimonials

NamibiaMichael Morse, USA

I recently completed a trip to Namibia with ORYX Photo Tours.  This is my 6th photography tour with ORYX and I have at least 2 more planned.  The beauty of this tour was the diversity of locations.  We were in the desert with sand dunes, 900 year old camel thorn trees and desert wildlife; by the sea with seals and pelicans inches from us on the boat, climbing granite escarpments to a rock arch; and then a classic wildlife photo safari in the bush.  This photo safari offered the most diversity of any trip I have taken.

Dale Morris, our photo tour leader, who seems to know everything about everything, couldn’t have been more helpful with all things animal, mineral, etc.  He expanded my photographic horizons in terms of composition, camera setting, lighting, etc. I wish I could take all of the credit for the great images my friends have marveled at, but he is a huge part of them.

As usual, accommodations and food are excellent.  The local guides were very helpful.  I did a fabulous hot air balloon trip at sunrise and other members of the trip did a great helicopter tour.

The photo tours by ORYX are seamless from the time you land at your destination to the time they return you to the airport for your trip home.  They are an excellent value for the dollar and provides experiences the ordinary traveler would not have.  I can’t say enough good things about ORYX Photo Tours and their staff.

Private NamibiaEmma Kandelaars, Dubai

Thanks so much to ORYX Photo Tours. It was another fantastic photo safari!

I would very much recommend all three locations to other guests.

Private NamibiaLeigh & Margaret Hall, Australia

Margaret and I have had another ORYX photo tour! Every aspect of a couple of weeks in Namibia was perfect. There was never a flat spot and you ensured we did everything that was possible. The choice of lodges was just right for our purposes. You interacted with the local guides to enhance the total experience. Our photography is improving. From being just mug amateurs a couple of years ago using auto for everything, we are now into focal lengths, back lighting, slow shutter panning and much more. Still a long way to go, but we are enjoying it immensely. Again, thanks for a fabulous experience, and we eagerly await our next photography tour to Brazil next year.

Private NamibiaJeffrey Littell, USA

There was only one serious problem with my photo safari: it was beyond description excellent! Hahaha! We experienced excellent weather in each venue where the photographic opportunities abounded. There was a good mix of scenery and animals.

The red sand dunes venue was packed solid with people making it difficult to obtain any meaningful images but I did capture a few. However, the sand dunes near Sera Cafema (our last stop) were incredible. Actually the dunes were astounding. And our visit there with the Himba tribe ladies was something else. I had them come from the back of a dune over the top is a line perpendicular to the cameras and to the afternoon sun. They walked, stopped for us to shoot, walked a bit more, shoot again, and so on. Epic beauty and epic photography.

The first stop provided us with a night sky that I’ll not forget. Venus setting, the Milky Way bright, the Southern across shining, oh my gosh. We did some light painting of two trees there that was superb. I mean really great stuff. There we saw a cheetah with an adolescent cub. And of course a lot more wildlife.

The second stop provided us with a sunset line up of 6 elephants walking in single file to a watering hole. Mom in front and Dad in the back. Surreal in beauty and silence. The lodges were terrific and the meals even better. We were treated better than royalty at each stop. The commuter plane flights and crews were great fun. Amazing scenery from up above.

Oh yes, the Skeleton Coast. Goodness gracious was that a sight to behold. I know I’m rambling. Thanks to you for assisting me in my endless preparations for this journey. I was a bit over prepared but that is better than needing something while in the bush. As for Greg, what a treasure. He is a blast to shoot with, and I’ll shoot with him again in the future. He’s a thinker as much as he is a shutter release pusher. His knowledge of the bush is astounding.

Again, sincere thanks to you and to Marius. A photo tour of a lifetime!

Private NamibiaAlan & Michelle Hinde, Australia

Just a quick note of thanks Marius for tailoring and running yet another top photo safari for us through some of the best parts of Namibia to see some things we really wanted to see and photograph.

As usual with ORYX Photo Tours everything worked well (thanks Kirsty) with great lodges and excellent guides on the ground. Michelle and I as well as our friends Leigh and Marg all came away with great images, thanks to your ability to get us in the right place at the right time to maximize photographic opportunities and to take advantage of the best light and conditions.

Your photographic tips and encouragement keep us constantly inspired to do better. We would heartily recommend ORYX Photo Tours for any aspiring photographers looking to improve their skills as well as to maximize opportunities for capturing some great wildlife photographic images for their portfolio.

Private NamibiaMarna Terblanche, South Africa

We all dream of experiences in the bush that will stay with us during the times we need to remember something to lift our spirits. Capturing a moment the best you can, that’s what photography is about isn’t it. And in the bush when you are in awe of the beauty around you, capturing that image is so rewarding. It brings hours of smiles and sharing and for years to come that safari and taking that photograph will stay with you, remind you of the smells, sights and feeling you had when taking that photograph.

We have been fortunate enough to experience a photo safari with Marius Coetzee co-founder of ORYX Photo Tours in hauntingly beautiful Namibia this year. This bespoke trip created by ORYX, with Marius’s great hosting and photographic teaching made all my dreams come true. Having been on many safaris I can honestly say this was the best. Marius and his love for photography inspired us and seeing the beautiful landscape captured through your lens…..words can’t describe it.

Marius, ORYX Photo Tours and the soulful people of Namibia thank you for 14 days that will stay with me forever.

Private South Africa & NamibiaDeborah Keener-Brown, USA

To the ORYX Photo Tours Team,

Thanks so much for another memorable safari with you guys. Namibia exceeded my expectations – we even were able to shoot the stars! The group was good and Greg did an outstanding job managing three different personalities and shooting styles. Plus, handling all our luggage and many other details, I think we wore him out! We all had a great time. It’s been a great end to a photo safari to spend a few days at Mala Mala. Roan is an exceptional guide and we have had some great sightings as well as some time to relax before my journey home – ugh. And, lastly for the ORYX staff – I just don’t know how you guys do it…..booking the best lodges for viewing and shooting opportunities….you guys are always on top of all the details that make a complicated itinerary go well. As I’ve said before, your meet and greet staff are the best. It’s so reassuring to me when traveling alone to know I will be met and escorted through the maze of the Joburg airport.

All the best and until next time.

Private NamibiaSimona Doyle, Italy

What an amazing photo tour!!! Almost in tears leaving Namibia.

The people, the food (My Caffe Macchiato in the middle of the desert??), the accommodation, the landscape, not to mention the photos...all too beautiful to leave behind!

Greg was ever so professional and entertaining that it made the 29 hrs flying well worth it.

Would do it all over again.

The staff were so wonderful and looked after us beautifully, the bush dinners and the long table laid on skeleton beach were such a treat. The farewell by the staff chanting, playing and dancing were a most pleasant experience...

Thanks so much for organizing. It made it all an unforgettable experience.

Until the next one!


Private NamibiaAstrid Stevie Winberg, South Africa

I must sincerely thank you and compliment you on an absolutely outstanding private photo safari to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and Serra Cafema to photograph, in particular, the Himba people.

Again, I was blown away at not only the content we covered, but the adventure, suspense and utter professionalism that dominated the trip. You have again gone the extra mile for comfort, happiness and of course passion for photography and adventure. I loved the mix of wildlife and cultural photography not to mention the personal time we spent in the villages with the Himba people. You certainly have a wonderful report with them and I witnessed the immense joy they had in interacting with you.

After hearing that “Krocodil” had given birth to a little boy after our initial visit and meeting “Marius II” in the village the next evening, special to say the least. A humbling time too and time to reflect on life with gratitude.

To cap it my surprise trip to the middle of the dune banks for moonset, sunrise and a great breakfast just topped it. After enticing me to jump into the “Laughing Dune” on the Skelton Coast and getting a feel for the enormity of these dunes this was really not only special but showed me the magnitude of them. Driving in the dunes I felt secure and safe and the guides too were both professional, knowledgeable and part of the family.

I truly loved every moment and have come back with so many memorable images, I’m struggling to find favourites….love them all.

Thank you Marius and all at ORYX Photo Tours for organising.

Private NamibiaTed Swindon, South Africa

What a trip!

I have had one of the most memorable photo safari ever!

This is despite the many great trips I have experienced with ORYX Photo Tours.

I have heaps of photos to sort out, but that's I suppose what it is all about! The service, the people, accommodation and length of stay was quite brilliant. I have no complaints, only praise!

Thank you for your efforts regarding all my arrangements. I appreciate all that you have done to make my photo tours so memorable and enjoyable.

Keep well, and I will be in touch as Marius and I are busy with some future travel plans.


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