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Uganda Testimonials

MadagascarArlene Courtney, USA

Our Madagascar tour was everything and more than I imagined it would be.  I appreciated all the help and information I received from both you and Dale prior to the trip.  All my questions ranging from travel arrangements to appropriate photo gear to bring were answered efficiently. The itinerary was well thought out, and the accommodations were nice.

The local guides were excellent. They were knowledgeable about the wildlife for which we were looking. I was amazed at how good our guides were at spotting these animals. Before the tour, I had noticed that hiking trails in one of the regions we were going to visit were listed as potentially steep and slippery, and I asked about the physical requirements for hiking. I was told that the physicality would be moderate. In reality, I found the hiking we did to be on the easy side of moderate.  Although I only used a sherpa for our last segment, their availability to carry gear eased the strenuousness for those who were more physically challenged. The attention to detail on this tour was excellent.

I cannot commend our ORYX tour leaders more for their guidance in making this trip successful. They did their best to accommodate the needs of each of the six diverse individuals. Dale was a wealth of information. I learned a lot about the ecology and wildlife we were seeing from him. While some tour leaders spend time getting their own good shots, the members of our group always came first on this tour. Dale was constantly finding windows and angles from which each person could get good shots of our subjects. He also encouraged us to leave our narrow comfort zones and try new techniques. I personally learned how to use a flash in combination with a wide-angle lens to obtain very interestingly, different views of some of the lemurs. I had never used a flash previously, and Dale took the time to teach me how to use one. He also taught me how to take motion photos.  It was fun to try some new techniques that I would have never attempted without his encouragement. While he has great technical skills, Dale is personable and very fun. He made the tour so enjoyable that I can't wait to go on another photo adventure with him.

UgandaWindy Warner, USA
Private UgandaLaura Ziff, USA

Once again ORYX Photo Tours seriously raised the bar that we thought could not be raised any higher! This was my third trip with ORYX and my first with my husband joining me. The other two trips were solo. Let's start with the planning portion. I was nervous about taking a photo tour with my husband as he is just learning about photography with a Nikon (versus Iphone) and I have been shooting for a number of years. I was hoping he would fall in love with the art of photography. Marius Cotezee, our guide and owner of ORYX assured me there would be no problem. He could not have been more right. While continuing to teach me, Marius in less than two weeks was able to provide my husband with fabulous instruction, a base to move forward and the confidence to embrace and enjoy his camera. At the same time Marius helped raise my photography skills up another notch. We traveled to Uganda to see the gorillas and the chimps. We also wanted to add in some cultural photography of local tribes. Due to Marius’ contacts and knowledge of Africa and the reputation of Oryx Photo Tours we had two extraordinary cultural experiences interacting with lesser known tribes. It was fabulous.

Nicolette who was directly responsible for working out the details made everything absolutely seamless. Her attention to detail, follow up, attitude and customer service skills are off the charts. You would never know that travel can still be challenging these days with Nicolette responsible for your adventure.

Can't forget to mention the surprises. We had a number of things to celebrate on this trip. ORYX surprised us twice, once with an incredible breakfast in the middle of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and also a happy hour "sundowner" in Kidepo Valley National Park, of course both in picture perfect locations. We can’t wait to travel again with ORYX Photo Tours! You would be well served to use them for your next adventure wherever in the world you want to explore.

UgandaJulia Brown, USA

Charlotte is an excellent photo tour guide and was very adept at dealing with all the personalities that sign up for a trip.  I enjoyed her very much, and felt safe and well care for.  I hope to travel with her again and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Uganda does not seem like the easiest country to run a photo safari in, and both Charlotte and the team on the ground did a wonderful job.

Private UgandaNima Sarikhani, UK

Another absolute incredible photo safari to Africa (this time Uganda) arranged by ORYX Photo Tours, simply outstanding. Unbelievable primate and savannah experiences (Kidepo!), all expertly organised. And to think they had 2 days to arrange it as Kenya hit the red list just makes it even more remarkable!! Thank you so much to Marius, Rainer and the whole team... I can’t wait to be travel with ORYX again!

Private UgandaDino Plumari, South Africa

Our Uganda photo tour was absolutely fantastic!
We weren’t bored for a minute, and everyday we encountered new unforgettable, once in a life time experiences.

Our guide Ham did an unbelievable job in looking after us and ensuring that our experience was as awesome as possible. He really went out of his way and deserves a notable mention in making it the trip it was.

The Gorillas were the highlight of the trip, and truly surpassed our expectations. Although the Gorillas were the highlight, everything else we did was incredible too, from hiking and spotting the forrest elephants in Bwindi to chasing Chimps in Kibale and watching the tree climbing lions and a giant Forrest hog in Ishasha, and not to mention the incredible birding every where we went!

Thanks so much for setting this up for us, we loved it and will most definitely recommend ORYX Photo Tours and the trip again!

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