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Conservation Tours

Our ultimate goal is to support conservation in multi-faceted ways, contributing where we can to the preservation of the natural world we so love, and inviting our guests to be part of this ethos as we travel and photograph the world together.

Since its formation, ORYX Photo Tours has been supporting the environment that bring us many delightful hours of photography. In order to co-ordinate and effectively implement our conservation efforts, we launched the ORYX Conservation Fund (OCF). A percentage of each photo tour we lead goes directly into the OCF. This does not increase the cost of our photo tours as these projects incur no extra administrative expenses; therefore, the sponsoring of the various conservation projects we endeavour to support, does not make our tours more expensive. Ultimately, just by signing up, you are ensured that your contribution goes directly to conservation!

Now to take it a step further, we have launched our Conservation Tours. This means that it is not only your financial contribution that assists with the conservation of our natural world, but you will also get to roll up your sleeves and have a hands-on experience in the field! From camera trapping to predator monitoring, microchipping, etc., an action packed, immersive experience is guaranteed!

There are currently no set departures to . Please contact the ORYX office at [email protected] and we will be delighted to tailor-make your dream Photo Tour to .

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