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Alaska Photo Tours

Alaska – the name conjures up images of vast wildernesses and impressive collection of large mammals, and indeed this is what we target on our one-of-a-kind trip to wild Katmai.

This is a place famed for its huge Coastal Brown Bears, which form the focal point of our photographic expedition to this amazing area.

During September, the shallow rivers in the vicinity of “Bear Camp” are filled with large concentrations of salmon – an irresistible food source for the local bears. As our camp is located in an area that receives no hunting pressure, the bears are generally very relaxed and do not view us a threat. During our Alaska photography tour,we will target these monstrous predators as they hunt fish in the river – an experience sure to get hearts racing and camera shutters working in overdrive. Wolf is also on the menu, and if we are fortunate we will be able to photograph these canids, adding another point of interest to this adventure. Join us for a photographic experience not be missed!


There are currently no set departures to Alaska. Please contact the ORYX office at and we will be delighted to tailor-make your dream Photo Tour to Alaska.

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