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Antarctica Photo Tours

Our photographic cruises to Antarctica take us to one of the world’s ultimate bird, wildlife and landscape photography destinations!

There is little on Earth that can compare to the sights and sounds that await the intrepid photographer on these exceptional Antarctica photography tours, and we guarantee that you will be left with memories and photographs to last you an entire lifetime!

As for the remarkable aura of this magical place, in part this stems from its sheer remoteness, but also from the amazing history of its exploration by the brave men who battled such incredible hardships to open it for further exploration. However, the rugged mountains, coastlines, islands and icebergs that so challenged these initial heroic explorers now delight the modern traveller, who can finally journey to this fabled land in relative safety and comfort. The scenic settings are as magnificent as any on earth, and the scale of nearly everything on our Antarctica photography tours is absolutely grand to say the least.

Our Antarctica photography tours are truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and we can expect fantastic Antarctica photographic opportunities, ranging from vast penguin colonies, highly approachable seals and sea-lions, dolphins, whales, spectacular icebergs of an amazing variety of colour and form, awesome sunsets and absolutely unparalleled scenery, so join us for an Antarctica photography safari like no other!


There are currently no set departures to Antarctica. Please contact the ORYX office at and we will be delighted to tailor-make your dream Photo Tour to Antarctica.

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