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Republic of Congo & Central African Republic Photo Tours

The Republic of Congo and Central African Republic offer journeys of discoveries of rare and endangered wildlife in exquisite and pristine natural kingdoms.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Congo is one of Africa’s oldest national parks. Covering an expansive 13,500 km2 area, Odzala lies in the heart of the Congo Basin, the second largest rainforest in the world after the Amazon. The Congo Basin spans more than two million square kilometres across six countries and accounts for 18% of the world’s remaining rainforest.

Explore in the footsteps of the great explorers with guided walking experiences through the pristine rainforests of the Congo Basin. These are the last jungles of Tarzan waiting to be discovered. Discover the ecosystem on a walk and learn from the local specialists in birding, mammals, flora, culture and local activities. Go deeper in your understanding with a personal trusted and knowledgeable field guide at your side.

Experience the elusive Forest Elephant congregating en-masse in Dzanga Baï and surrounds, observing their social behaviours and interactions. Dzanga Baï is the finest Forest Elephant experience in Africa. This is a congregation point for vast herds of Forest Elephant and Forest Buffalo as well as rare animals such as Bongo, Giant Forest Hog and Red River Hog that seek out the mineral-rich waters found here. 

Western Lowland Gorilla is one of two critically endangered subspecies of the Western Gorilla, and in the Republic of Congo and Central African Republic, you have the opportunity to trek and spend time with this smallest subspecies of Gorilla. 

Cultural photographic opportunities abound here with the residents of Brazzaville, tribes that live within the reserves such as the Ba’Aka community who live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

If you are looking for your next adventure, you do not need to look further! The Republic of Congo and Central African Republic is the destination for you.


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