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Just 65,000 square kilometres in size, yet boasting over 10% of the entire Asian Elephant population, the densest population of Leopard in Asia, 496 bird species, 96 reptiles and Blue and Sperm whales off the coast, Sri Lanka may perhaps

Nepal is a land of unparalleled scenic beauty located within one of the most geographical diverse areas on earth.

Few countries in the world can claim to have the mystique that surrounds the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan.

Mongolia is a vast central Asian country boasting a rich history, with its most notable inhabitant the famous Genghis Khan whose 13th Century empire spread vast distances across Eurasia.

This great nation boasts staggering geographical diversity ranging from deserts and forests to tropical, palm-lined shores and snow-capped peaks.

Borneo is the world’s third largest island and conjures up images of a wild forest paradise where Orangutans, gibbons and colourful birds roam the Bornean jungle.

South Georgia is one of the most remote and rugged islands on earth and is situated in the southern Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of the southern tip South America and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Our photographic cruises to Antarctica take us to one of the world’s ultimate bird, wildlife and landscape photography destinations!

Zimbabwe remains an under-visited yet richly rewarding African photographic safari destination.

Zambia is a little piece of heaven that has somehow managed to escape from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourist crowds, making it one of Africa’s finest photographic destinations.

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