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Uganda is an incredible country in many ways. It is a friendly equatorial nation that boasts fabulous biodiversity and good infrastructure.

Tanzania is a classic African destination that provides the ultimate African photographic expedition.

This rainbow nation boasts 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, both natural and cultural, and encompasses several extraordinary biomes.

Ravaged by a terrible genocide, Rwanda has managed to lift itself out of the doldrums and is, once again, world famous as one of the best places on earth to view and photograph the critically endangered Mountain Gorilla.

Namibia is truly a photographic safari dream, with massive sand dunes, vast and spectacular deserts, a wide variety of unique birds and wildlife that have adapted to survive the harsh conditions, and stunning sunsets!

The island’s legendary uniqueness is best reflected by its plethora of amazing lemurs, colourful chameleons, one hundred and forty endemic or near endemic bird species, and a fascinating array of endemic flora, all of which combine to make for a

This East African country offers the essence of an African wildlife photographic expedition, and besides the phenomenal wildlife, you can expect some of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of Africa.

Ethiopia is a country unlike any other in Africa. Located in the Horn of Africa, and sporting a proud and ancient culture that has developed over millennia, Ethiopia simultaneously boasts a varied landscape that is home to numerous endemic mammals

Botswana is globally renowned as an African photographic safari destination par excellence, offering true wilderness and arguably some of the finest landscapes and wildlife for discerning professional and amateur photographers alike.

Svalbard is the largest Norwegian archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean partway between Norway and the North Pole. In March and April the light conditions on Svalbard are quite simply magical.

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