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They are famous as offering some of the most amazing landscapes anywhere on earth, with vertical fortresses of granite rising steeply out of the ocean, giving rise to the name the “Lofoten Wall”.

Our April Finland photographic tour is perfectly timed to photograph a full array of Finnish wildlife and birds!

The Galapagos Islands have some of the most interesting birds and reptiles on the planet.

For serious naturalists and wildlife photographers, the Pantanal in Brazil offers some of the finest photo safari opportunities to be found anywhere on our planet, and in one of the most distinguished natural havens on Earth.

Near South America’s southernmost tip lies a vast and wild land that sprawls across Argentina and Chile.

Panama is a fantastic neotropical destination that boasts incredible species richness on both the bird and mammalian fronts.

Alaska – the name conjures up images of vast wildernesses and impressive collection of large mammals

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