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Panama Photo Tours

Panama is a fantastic neotropical destination that boasts incredible species richness on both the bird and mammalian fronts.

Located at the junction between South America and its northern counterpart, this central American nation is home to a plethora of colourful birds, various monkeys and three species of sloth. Habitats vary from the cloudforests of the volcanic highlands in the north to steamy jungles in the Canal Zone and further afield in the mythical Darién.

Such a wildlife rich country would be a shame to miss out on, and Panama will appeal to bird photographers and wildlife lovers alike. Its strengths are the is excellent bird photography (hummingbirds especially), with really good opportunities for wildlife such as Geoffroy’s Tamarin, Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth and even Northern Tamandua, while the macro photography opportunities are also superb.


There are currently no set departures to Panama. Please contact the ORYX office at [email protected] and we will be delighted to tailor-make your dream Photo Tour to Panama.

Panama Photography Tour Gallery

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