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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Photo Tours

Papua New Guinea is a destination that will whet your appetite and offer an experience like no other in the world.

One of the world’s least explored destinations, it is a paradise waiting to be discovered and photographed.

Papua New Guinea has some of the worlds most fascinating and exotic bird species. The virtually untouched forests come alive with the immense sights and sounds of various bird species, while more than twenty species of dazzling birds-of-paradise display their iridescent colors and elaborate plumes in one of the most astonishing exhibits of the natural world.

This is a Papua New Guinea photographic tour par excellence that explores the region’s diverse and exquisite habitats and array for awe-inspiring cultures. In Mount Hagen, we will witness tribal dances that mimic the fabulous birds-of-paradise, adorning themselves with elaborate head plumes of the exotic birds that grace this mystical island.

The Mount Hagen Cultural Show is one of the largest cultural events in Papua New Guinea, and one that needs to be experienced. Various native tribal dance groups gather together to celebrate their particular cultural heritage in conjunction with one another. This is a breath-taking showcase of distinct cultures, dance and music coming together with the intention to peacefully share their traditions.


Thank you for your interest in Papua New Guinea. There are currently no set departures to this photo-rich destination, but please do contact the ORYX office at and our team will be delighted to tailor-make the Papua New Guinea Photo Tour of your dreams.

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