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Tanzania Photo Tours

Tanzania is a classic African destination that provides the ultimate African photographic expedition.

Nowhere else on the planet does there exist such an incredible volume and diversity of large mammals, while the country also supports over one thousand bird species, many of which are large, bright and colourful, and easy to observe and photograph, and with breath-taking scenery thrown into the bargain, Tanzania must surely rank as one of, if not THE best destination for wildlife photography on earth! Mere mention of the names “Ngorongoro” and “Serengeti” is sure to quicken the pulse of seasoned wildlife photographers and novices alike!

In order to optimize photographic opportunities, we use only comfortable safari vehicles, decked with specially designed pop-up roof hatches, and a maximum capacity of six participants during our Tanzanian photography tours. This means that each participant is guaranteed to enjoy one-on-one tutoring and an unparalleled Tanzania photographic experience.


Serengeti safari New Tour
12 Days
6 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader

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