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Uganda Photo Tours

Uganda is an incredible country in many ways. It is a friendly equatorial nation that boasts fabulous biodiversity and good infrastructure.

No other area in Africa can match its amazing diversity of habitats, which can be easily accessed and offer rich rewards to the itinerant wildlife photographer. With over 1,000 bird species and 330 mammal species (including many primates, foremost among them the colossal Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee) in a nation roughly equivalent in size to England, it is not hard to see why Uganda is on the rise in eco-tourism circles!

Our Uganda Gorilla tours focus on the two aforementioned Great Apes, and our adventure begins as we depart Entebbe, on the shores of the mighty Lake Victoria, for Kibale Forest, which lies east of the snow-capped Ruwenzori Mountains and protects a diverse array of primates. This is one of the best places in the world to see Chimpanzees and we will dedicate multiple treks to view and photograph these special creatures.

Leaving Kibale Forest behind us we journey to the verdant Buhoma, headquarters of the famous Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Here, one finds healthy populations of some of the planet’s last remaining Mountain Gorillas. In the expert and friendly company of our local guides, we will have two opportunities to climb the forested trails to a family unit in the hope of photographing a family group for an hour – this is a rare privilege indeed, rated by many to be the greatest wildlife experience on the planet! Our Uganda Gorilla tours are undoubtedly an adventure of a lifetime!

Join ORYX in Uganda, as we expose the mythical “Pearl of Africa”!


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20 Jan 2024 - 30 Jan 2025
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