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Yellowstone Winter  Photo Expedition

Yellowstone National Park reigns as one of the most iconic parks in the world. With a fully intact wild ecosystem, North America’s iconic charismatic megafauna live out their lives and dramas on a bubbling, steaming, mountainous stage.

Answering the howl of the wolf, we spend safari days along Yellowstone’s famous Northern Range, which has the highest density of wildlife in the Lower 48. Seeking wolves, coyotes, fox, moose, river otters, elk, bighorn sheep and more, we explore and photograph Lamar Valley, coined the “American Serengeti.”

The second part of this uniquely American adventure is spent deep in Yellowstone’s Interior, photographing and spending time with America’s National Mammal – bison. With thick winter coats, snowy and frosty bison tell the stories of fortitude and endurance lasting tens of thousands of years. Winter is the prime time to make iconic and special images of bison as they gather around warm geothermal areas in Yellowstone’s Interior. We navigate this wintery temple on private snowcoaches.

Yellowstone has been historically described as Wonderland, and it truly is. Come enjoy Yellowstone as it should be experienced, as a true Winter Wonderland.


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28 Jan 2024 - 03 Feb 2024
7 Days
6 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader

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