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Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world and, geographically, it is western part of Siberia! However, Finland is member of European Union and all the logistics – roads, hotels, restaurants are all very well developed like they are in most parts of Europe. Finland is wild but also western European country and very safe place to experience the magic of northern boreal forests and it´s magnificent wildlife.

Finland is a sparsely populated country and there is still plenty of untouched nature left. In April these northern latitudes are waking up after the long winter months – thousands of Whooper Swans, Eurasian Cranes and Geese are just migrating back to their breeding grounds. Resident Grouse species – Black Grouse and Capercaillies are actively lekking on the snow. We will use professional standard photography hides (blinds) to photograph these lekking grouse at close range.

With a little bit of luck we should be able to photograph one or two of the secretive northern Owl species during this tour. We have photographed both – the Great Grey Owl and Northern Hawk Owl during our previous tours. April is the time when owls start their breeding in Finland and we have the best possible guide with his network of guides to locate the hunting owls for us.

Late April is the time to photograph Brown Bears walking on the snow when they are searching for food after the long winter hibernation. They look great in their thick winter fur while walking against the white snowy background. We will use the best Bear photography hides in Finland – placed very close to the borderzone between Finland and Russia. Another large carnivore; Wolverine, is also very actively fetching food from the front of the photography hides since they are feeding their young ones which are still in the den this time of the year. We will again use the best place for Wolverines in Finland.

For me this is the best time of the year in Finland – there are almost too many things happening in nature at the same time! I am really happy to share Finland and it´s wildlife with the wildlife lovers and with keen wildlife photographers.

Jari Peltomäki
Professional wildlife photographer
Founder and chairman of board of Finnature Ltd

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