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Greatest Moments in the Masai Mara

The Moments at Camp

Our camps in the Masai Mara are hand-picked for their proximity to the best places for wildlife photography. The camp we stay at during our Best of the Masai Mara Migration Photo Safari is Alex Walker’s Nkorombo Camp, a tranquil tented camp built right on the banks of the legendary Mara River. You literally fall asleep to the sound of the flowing river. Just excuse the occasional mid-night hippo grunt that may wake you up! Since the closest migration crossing point is just 300m upstream, there is a good chance to witness wildebeest crossing the river without even leaving camp.

When it comes to the ultimate photographic experience in the Mara, a private safari vehicle is essential. I want my guests to wait when they want to wait, and move when the ideal opportunity presents itself. Patience is key to capturing nature’s special and often fleeting moments – our own open safari vehicle is a must for just that. What I enjoy about the ORYX product as opposed to what other providers offer, is that we do not fill a vehicle with guests – we guarantee you enough space for your equipment and sufficient manoeuvrability to capture that dream Kenya portfolio.

The Tender Moments

Kenya’s Masai Mara experience is indeed a destination of much action and drama, but it too is a destination of quiet beauty and peaceful moments. The most effective way to photograph moments in the wild that evoke tender emotions is to slow down and appreciate all that nature hands us on safari. One particular example is giraffe and their young. A towering mother tends to comfort her calf from time to time, perhaps a subtle reminder that although her head may be in the clouds, her heart is very much focused down below.

The Moments of Action

The Mara is synonymous for action, a stereotypical representation that was most probably moulded by the fact that most nature enthusiasts grew up with their regular fix of National Geographic documentaries showcasing the best of the Masai Mara’s drama. It’s not a totally untrue representation though as the Mara certainly is a good place to observe and photograph adrenalin pumping action, if of course nature plays along. It’s these moments that I try to anticipate. It is all about increasing the odds of being at the right place at the right time. An amazing sighting however, doesn’t always equate to an amazing photographic opportunity. That’s the benefit of having an experienced nature guide from Kenya coupled with an ORYX professional photographic guide like myself accompanying you on your Masai Mara photo safari.

The Scenic Moments

Drifting away from the classic animal portraits can be fun. I aspire to create images that stand out from the rest—but to succeed, I have to find an extra element to make them unique. Photographing animals in their natural habitats is one way to add that extra dimension. It is all about going beyond the ‘usual’ image, breaking the cliché, and telling a story. The Masai Mara offers a lot of potential for environmental photographs. The build up of cloud formations which leads to the occasional passing thunderstorm is one of my favourite times to switch to a wide lens.

The art of making a picture lies in its composition. I always fire off a few “insurance” shots when I first come across a subject—it gives me peace of mind to know that I have something “in the bag.” Once that initial need is over, I settle down and look at the animal’s surroundings. Then, I begin to experiment with different compositions.

The Shared Moments

Traveling with a small group of like-minded individuals makes for a creative environment where we feed off each others ideas, ethusiasm and passion for nature and photography. Whether it be at a lion sighting, watching a sunset or chatting around the camp fire, it’s these shared experiences together in nature with others which are always remembered as special highlights!

These are only a few of the greatest moments I experienced in the Masai Mara when I was based there for 40-days in 2017.

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Your dedicated Photo Tour Leader,
Kirsten Frost