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India – Through the Eyes of Guest Jamie Cohen

The power of photography truly knows no bounds. It opens the photographer to a different world, to one where we start looking at everyday subjects around us with refreshed eyes as we start to see the potential stories that surround us.

When going on a ORYX Photo Tour, we are further encouraged to take a step forward into this endless exploration of photography as we not only learn new photographic techniques which constantly push us to reach higher levels in our personal photographic journey, but also understand our own unique way of seeing what is before our eyes, and how we decide to tell that tale.
In January 2018, ORYX guest Jamie Cohen joined Marius Coetzee on a safari to a destination famed for its mixture of boundless culture photography opportunities, and of course, being home to one of the world’s most powerful, exotic-looking, and truly spellbinding big cats.

From the land of Royal Bengal Tigers to the contrast of the city and its people, January welcomed Jamie Cohen to Ranthambore, Jaipur and Kerala on this India Photo Tour.

“I grew up admiring the beautiful portraits and landscape shots hanging in my grandparents’ house. Later, I recall my cheek muscles constantly hurting as the subject of my mom’s developing love of photography. So when I was gifted a Nikon DSLR camera in early college, I felt like I was following the footsteps of my mom and grandfather before her. Through photography I wanted to be able to capture the sentiment of a moment; to tell a story through the light in a person’s eyes. Marius gave me the tools to begin to do this on our trip to India with ORYX Photography.

Marius helped me see what makes a good photograph, taught me new techniques like hi-key, how to shoot in different light and how to process an image using Lightroom. At the end of this trip I am thrilled to have a good portfolio of photographs I can print and look back on proudly, but even happier to have refined my skills and developed a deeper passion for photography.”

– Jamie Cohen

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