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Kirsten Frost – An ORYX Photo Tour Leader

Born and living in Cape Town, South Africa, my interest in nature began from a young age. My father loved the outdoors. Every chance he had he’d be planning a trip somewhere, even if it was a short weekend trip not far from our home in Cape Town. His love of nature was passed on to me. I started to photograph nature during my first time in Kruger National Park in 2005 with a small point-and-shoot camera in hand. The wild was, and still is, a magical place in my mind.

My photographic journey has been an interesting ride. It has allowed me to experience and document beautiful places and exciting wildlife phenomena. The journey has also allowed me to meet amazing people from all around the world. It’s often their first time in Africa which makes it all the more special to share their experiences and become part of their stories.

I enjoy photographing action and nature’s fleeting moments. I like vibrant colours, but at the same time enjoy the tones of a good black and white image. I am drawn to photographs that spark emotion and thought. I tend to keep my images clean, simple and uncluttered. My style of photography in the field is one of patience, planning and persistence to get the scene, subject and story to somehow work together, even if it’s just for a split second.

I am excited to join the ORYX team because it allows me to fulfil my dream. Being a part of ORYX means learning from the best, traveling with like-minded individuals, and striving to create the best experiences possible for our guests. It’s an honour to join the team.


–  Kirsten Frost

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