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Lofoten – A Trip I Shall Never Forget

The Lofoten Islands is a place of staggering beauty that is draped across the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea and offers landscapes made up of majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches. This archipelago is also the stage to one of the planet’s most spectacular natural phenomenon shows that features on more bucket lists than any other travel experience. The Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, is an entrancing spectacle that represents one of the most theatrical displays of light known to man and is superbly complimented by the incredible topography of Lofoten Island for an exquisite photographic opportunity like no other.

ORYX guest Rowena Putter joined us on our first-ever Lofoten Photo Tour in February 2018, and her images are testament to the surreal beauty of this destination.

Grab a beverage of choice and join Rowena as she takes you on a journey in search of those perfect moments, and more!

“Having travelled extensively in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, Norway and the beautiful Lofoten Islands was an eye-opener and an amazing learning experience. After falling in love with icy and snowy scenery in Svalbard two years ago, wintery Norway stole my heart.

As always, ORYX arranged an excellent Lofoten Photography Tour itinerary. Roy Mangersnes and Arild Heitmann were excellent guides and photographic instructors, always on the lookout for that perfect moment when the light and landscape all fall into place to make for some amazing shots. They took advantage of every moment, regardless of the weather, and enthused us to venture up icy slopes or along frozen snow-driven beaches, with utterly satisfying results. I learned so much and had such a fun time; the winter landscape was mesmerising and the ice formations lyrical.

Landscape photography is a new passion of mine, jostling for first place alongside my love of wildlife photography, and the trip to Lofoten was one I shall never forget, and would dearly love to re-visit, next time to hopefully see more displays of the Northern Lights which were sadly overwhelmed every night but one, by snowstorms and cloudy weather (which in recompense, made for some amazing moody scenes).”

– Rowena Putter (ORYX groupie and amateur photographer)