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Madagascar Through the Eyes and Images of Jason Heirtzler

I haven’t visited a more photographically diverse place than Madagascar. “What lens should I bring along today?” was a question that fellow ORYX photo tour leader Dale Morris and I had trouble answering whilst hosting ORYX’s Madagascar Photographic tour in 2017. The one minute we’re photographing a lemur up close, the next minute there’s an endemic bird species, then a reptile, then we find ourselves creating portraits of the local Malagasy people…. all in a beautiful setting which we contemplate shooting a landscape of. That’s the problem with Madagascar. But we’re not complaining!

It was a real pleasure sharing the experience with Jason Heirtzler, who shares his images with us below, as well as 3 other talented and ever-enthusiastic photographers. It was fantastic to see Jason’s keen interest in the subjects he photographs. He rarely snapped an image and walked off, he would make a point to learn more about the species and jot down the species name. The eagerness to absorb oneself into a new destination is contagious and set a good tone for this Madagascar Photography tour.

– Kirsten Frost

“The Madagascar Photographic tour was really excellent, and ORYX Photography has some really great guides in Dale and Kirsten. They kept an eye on all the logistics and worked nonstop to get up early and get us on location. If there’s a good photo shot to be had, they both always made sure we had plenty of opportunities to get the pictures we want and many helpful suggestions for making better shots, whether it’s an alternative angle or tweaks to the camera.

Some tour guides tend to get caught up in the moment and shoot a lot of pictures themselves, but they never shot photos themselves unless it was to test the lighting or if we were all done, and I appreciate this because it’s hard to resist in such a location. The local guide was also excellent, and I peppered him with questions about the people, the language and the culture, and learned a lot.

Would I do another trip with them and ORYX? Definitely!”

– Jason Heirtzler

Take a look at Jason’s profile on Instagram to view more images from his travels.

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