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Namibia – A Destination of Contrasting Beauty

There are a few true wilderness destinations left on Earth where you can truly immerse yourself in the utter beauty of the area, offering you a complete physical and holistic journey.

There are a few true wilderness destinations left that leave you a changed person as your eyes are heart have been opened up to experiences that you may not have expected to happen, or you didn’t realise the powerful affect it would have on you.

There are a few true wilderness destinations left like Namibia.© Greg du Toit, Namibia.

Natural enthusiast and photographers stretching far and wide across the Earth make their descent to Namibia on a year basis to view and explore this country that is filled with contrasts.

Orange-splashed sands dunes raise themselves high above the ground, every changing in form and colours ranging from the softest of pastel pinks, to deep orange and reds as they embraces the setting sun’s receding embrace. Determined and strong-willed lions brave the harsh desert life as they continuously adapt to the intricacies of desert life, as do the ever-spectacular Desert Rhino and elephant, and the quintessential Namibian antelope, the gemsbok, and many other diverse and equally thrilling wildlife and fauna.

And then there is the night sky. Saturated with stars that persuades your eyes to linger on them for hours, it is a visual delight that will leave you feeling closer to nature and in awe of its eminence.

© Greg du Toit, Self Portrait, Namibia.

“Lying on a star-bed one night I looked up at the familiar African night sky and I found it to be strangely unfamiliar due to the overabundance of stars. There were so may stars in fact that constellations I know well, like Scorpio, were completely obscured and hidden in a plethora of sparkling stars.

Setting out to photograph the stars was an incredible amount of fun! We found two trees and shot a 30 second exposure to show the heavens as the eye sees them. We then set our cameras up on intervalometers to take one shot every 30 seconds and we left them out there the whole night. By merging all the frames, the rotation of the earth is visible in the stars. Last but not least, I wanted to take a self-portrait and when up on the Skeleton Coast, I climbed a mountain with my beloved 600mm F4. With some lighting from behind and my camera set up at the bottom, I managed to take a photo that has been dubbed ‘the ultimate selfie’.”

To experience the above is just one of the many reasons why we created our intimate, photographic safari to this seductive destination that Greg du Toit is hosting in 2016. Greg will be taking 3 participants on our Namibia – Icons of a Desert Wonderland Photographic Expedition to the unforgettable Namibia destinations Sossusvlei, Palmwag Concession, Damaraland, Etosha, and Serra Cafema.


To join Greg and experience Namibia in a truly intimate, hand-on photographic safari, email us at [email protected] and take the personal journey to discovery and photographic freedom.

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