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Nicola Cappelletti’s Hippos and Predators

ORYX Tour Partner Greg Du Toit and his client Nicola Cappelletti embarked on an expedition to capture the predators of the Masai Mara, as well as a different side of Kenya’s topography by visiting Tsavo West National Park and its natural splendours. Beautiful savannah landscapes, majestic predators and a special stop to capture Mzima Springs’s hippos, made for an absolutely splendid photographic safari that was described by seasoned traveller Nicola as “the most amazing experience of my entire life!”

“This safari has been two years in the making and ORYX’s help and advice during the booking period was amazing. Their travel management was perfect, no delays or mishaps and I always felt safe during transfers. The lodges were great but Finch Hatton’s was unbelievable! I really enjoyed Tsavo West as the local guides ensured that we had the best photo opportunities – thank you so much!

Since our very first contact, Greg gave me lots of advice about safari destinations and about photography. He always answered my hundreds of emails (sorry Greg!) in order to help me find and book the best travel locations to capture hippos. I’ve met a man who really loves Africa and wildlife, and most importantly, who knows lot about Africa and its wildlife, but at the same time can talk to you as if you are one of his friends. Mentioning his knowledge about photographic gear and techniques would be superfluous but my skill level has increased dramatically and his advice during our safari was probably the best part of my entire time spent in Kenya. Although this was a ‘Predator Safari’, we made it all about the hippos! Thank you, Greg for bringing me your secret hippos place!

During my time spent in the bush, I felt like a photographer, not like a tourist. Thank you, thank you so much to the whole ORYX team!”



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