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Marius Coetzee


Marius Coetzee is the Co-founder and CEO of Oryx Photo Tours, a professional safari guide, expedition leader and award-winning wildlife and cultural photographer. Over a 22-year span, he has led photographic safaris to 27 countries in 5 continents with clients from around the world. Marius is a highly sought-after photographic leader who has garnered a reputation of being “the best in the business.”

Marius’s unrivalled expertise and relationships, innovative mind and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled ORYX to be at the cutting edge of the safari industry. With a well curated team of award-winning and widely published photographic expedition leaders, ORYX leads over 100 photographic tours annually to over 30 countries on all 7 continents. Evidenced by their seamless execution in challenging but highly rewarding countries, they are truly masters at the art of safari.

Marius’s safari acumen enables him to predict and position his clients at vantage points that grant them awe-inspiring experiences, and that often lead to competition worthy photographs. Marius’s endless enthusiasm and passion for wildlife and photography effortlessly transforms each safari into soul moving and life-changing experiences.

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