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Kathmandu is an assault on your senses. If an assault can be a good thing, that is… I first visited Nepal in 2001. I went to visit for 3 weeks, and ended up staying for almost a year. Such is the

“Ethiopia's Omo Valley is without a doubt my happy place in this crazy upside down world we live in. After more than 5 years we have finally earned the trust of the various local chiefs and their people. We treat

Going far back into history and historic accounts, it seems that we as a race, have long been wanderers. From desert landscapes to icy mountain slopes, from vast grasslands to thick forests, people have carved a life for themselves in

2015 was a year filled with many great photographic adventures and experiences. What makes it all the more worthwhile is being able to share them with you. In tribute to our clients who have made ORYX the company it is, many

Photography is about creating an image that you visualize when you approach a scene. What you include within your frame and exclude determines how you compose your image and therefore, the story you are creating. This comes before you have a

It is a destination that has been written about, filmed, dreamt about, and travelled to by visitors from across the planet. Its untouched wilderness still has the power to make my heart beat faster, my eyes to open wider so that

Destination: Leopard Hills in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve We arrived to a scene where chaos reigned. A healthy pack of wild dogs were in a heightened state of excitement. They were everywhere you looked, running around and constantly interacting with on

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