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A white landscape stretching out as far as you can see that is periodically broken up by the stark blue sea, towering icebergs that are shaped and engraved by the deeply cold ocean, with dark mountain peaks creating a stark

With years of experience hosting expeditions in Svalbard and the Galapagos Islands, Roy Mangersnes makes the perfect ORYX photo tour partner and leader for our photo expeditions to these alluring destinations. His passion for wildlife and nature shines clearly through

As photographers, whether beginner, aspiring professional or professional, we are always looking to capture images, scenes, subjects that inspire us. To create a powerful image that tells the viewer a story of the scene, but also of you as a

I’m pretty sure that at one time during your childhood, you wished you could fly. To be able to take flight and soar over the landscape below you, to see everything below you stretch as far as the eye can

Wildlife and nature photography is not about picking up your camera, aiming, and firing away at the fastest frame-rate that your camera allows. Make no mistake, you will get a collection of images where some may be quite good, but most

Himba Song Fascinated by Africa and its people, I have spent hundreds of hours photographing some of the continents most remote tribes. On a recent photo safari to Serra Cafema, which lies on the border of Angola and Namibia, I was excited

Today is a special day as it highlights the plight of one of our most revered, loved and iconic animals. This day not only celebrates an animal whose conservation and sustainability is a real desire that lies close to all

Africa is such an incredibly diverse continent! Not only do we have a very unique set of large mammalian species like Giraffe, Zebra and Elephant but the continent is also blessed with an incredible array of primates. Mountain Gorillas and

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