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Since its formation, ORYX Photo Tours has been supporting the environment that bring us many delightful hours of photography. In order to co-ordinate and effectively implement our conservation efforts, we launched the ORYX Conservation Fund (OCF). A percentage of each photo tour we lead goes directly into the OCF.

This does not increase the cost of our photo tours as these projects incur no extra administrative expenses; therefore, the sponsoring of the various conservation projects we endeavour to support, does not make our tours more expensive. Ultimately, just by signing up, you are ensured that your contribution goes directly to conservation!

Our ultimate goal is to support conservation in multi-faceted ways, contributing where we can to the preservation of the natural world we so love, and inviting our guests to be part of this ethos as we travel and photograph the world together.

Did you know that with every ORYX photo tour booked to a Great Plains property a percentage of our profit is donated to an organization that lies close to our hearts? Rhinos Without Borders ia a Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond Travel project.

To date we have donated US$24,636 to Rhinos Without Borders and delighted and humbled to play our small part in protecting our planet for future generations.

The Rhinos Without Borders translocation initiative is a response to the dire threat of poaching, and entails the translocation of a hundred rhino from threatened areas in South Africa to a safer home in Botswana, where poaching is almost non-existent. Working together with partners who share a common vision, our aim is to help preserve this iconic African species from extinction, which is certain to be the end result if the current poaching activities are not curtailed or stopped. With rhino being killed at the rate of one every seven and half hours, Rhinos Without Borders is intended as an initiative of hope. Last year, over 1,000 rhino were killed in South Africa alone. We have reached a tipping point where we lose more rhino to poaching than the rate at which the present rhino population can reproduce.

The Rhinos Without Borders project has seen significant progress, with the birth of a calf to one of the rhino moved as part of the first batch signifying a huge milestone for the initiative. The project has also managed to capture a batch of rhino in a critical rescue project at the request of a private game reserve in South Africa. These rhino were under severe threat from poaching.

Staffing for many Tanzania camps comes from the local communities. They are able to use generations of knowledge to interpret and educate travellers on their way of life. However, COVID-19 is causing communities to revert back to traditional methods to feed their families, and so the rise of snaring in the bush has increased.

How do we combat this and make a difference?

The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) Serengeti de-snaring program is a unique partnership between FZS, Serengeti Park management and tour operators working in the area. The program has now opened up by deploying many of the tour operators’ skilled employees to further supplement the de-snaring teams already in place and thereby provide a critical presence while undertaking anti-poaching and de-snaring work.

How you can help…

Every dollar counts in making a difference to protect our wildlife and the people who fight on their behalf daily. Click below to find out what your donation would be contributing towards.


If you would like to contribute:

Please complete the below form if you would like to make a contribution towards Rhinos Without Borders. We will assist and pass on relevant documentation for you to donate.

Please visit the Rhinos Without Borders website by clicking here


Thank you for your contribution and for participating in our journey to help save the rhino species from extinction.

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