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Rich Linde

Rich Lindie has spent over a decade travelling, birding and photographing on every continent, amassing an incredible knowledge of the world’s birds and wildlife in the process.

Efficient, sharp, enthusiastic and humorous, Rich enjoys showing others the natural world as much as he loves discovering its wonders for himself; and, in addition, he is a highly proficient photographer.

Rich was too young to remember when his passion for the outdoors began, but certainly remembers his first pair of binoculars when he was only a few years old! It was this that began his obsession with Southern African wildlife and ultimately lead to a passion for conservation, a degree in Wildlife and Environmental Science, and his first guiding posts, in Peru and Ecuador. Since then, he has moved from one continent to the next for over a decade, birding extensively and capturing each area’s wildlife through his camera lens, both above and below the water. His image sales continue to fund further worldwide exploration but Rich enjoys the natural world that much more when he gets to share it with others, as is evident in his enthusiasm, humour and efficiency.

Client Testimonials

  • Papua New GuineaMartin Cooper, USA

    When I signed up for the ORYX photography tour to Papua New Guinea, I thought I might get a few nice images of exotic birds, but I thought the chances for seeing any bird of paradise were remote based on the experiences of a professional wildlife photographer and acquaintance. I thought seeing one display was impossibly improbable. Having gone with ORYX and their terrific guide, Rich Lindie, I am enthusiastic to announce that I was totally wrong. Rich has encyclopedic knowledge of birds and their habitats, so he knew exactly where to look for the birds of paradise. I came away with good images of five species of birds of paradise, two of whom were displaying for females. The extra cream was a morning spent with the Huli Wigmen, where we got to see their school and watch them apply their makeup, both at least as photographically interesting as their dances. If you wish to photograph the beautiful and exotic, do not miss this tour.

Upcoming Tours with Rich

There are currently no set departures with this guide, but please do contact the ORYX office at [email protected] and we will be delighted to tailor-make your dream Photo Tour with them.

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