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Sergio Ballivian

Sergio Ballivian was born in La Paz, Bolivia and lived abroad in the US, Canada and Spain for almost 35 years.

Dividing his time between the Andes and the Rocky Mountains, he continues pursuing adventures via 4×4, motorcycle, kayak or mountain bike. He has worked for 5 years for National Geographic in the photography department, supporting the photographers traveling around the world.

Sergio started taking photos at 15, falling in love with the medium to remember his adventures that continue to this day and began leading photo tours more than a decade ago. Other than his love or sharing his country and photography with the world, he founded his adventure tourism company in 1994 with the aim of bringing people to Bolivia to show them the hidden beauty in the most remote corners of the Andes, Altiplano and Amazonia.

Sergio Ballivian is an ORYX Photo Tour Partner and hosts tours in South America.

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