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Photographing in Peninsular Malaysia and the Wilds of Borneo

The third largest Island, and home to one of the oldest forests in the world, Borneo is known as the center of the evolution and distribution of many endemic species of animals and plants. It’s 140 million years old rainforest is a highly important sanctuary for many Bornean animals. Its endemic forest species include the endangered Bornean orangutan, the Bornean pygmy elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros, the Bornean clouded leopard, and many other exquisite and endemic species.

Charles and Nancy Bell, both bird and wildlife enthusiasts, joined ORYX photo tour leader, Dale Morris, as they explored the beauty and haven that is Borneo. Here is their visual diary, which brings alive and truly captures the incredible sightings and experiences they had during their trip with us in Borneo.


Thanks to Charles and Nancy for their wonderful account! We hope you enjoyed the visual journey as much as we did. So tell me, when are you next going to Borneo?

– Penny


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