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Photographing Royal Bengal Tigers by Guest Ted Swindon

Photographing Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural environment for the first time has often been said to be a “never to be forgotten moment” in life. With this species combination of sheer size and muscular stature, the raw power it exudes with every step it takes, the wild beauty found behind its eyes, and of course, its exotic and boldly striped golden coats, there is no wonder why this ferocious feline has fascinated and intrigued humans for hundreds of years and continues to do so.

From the 9th to 20th April 2018, ORYX guest Ted Swindon traversed the beautiful landscapes of India’s Ranthambore National Park in search for its famed Royal Bengal Tigers, and Jawai in Rajasthan for its Leopards as the main photographic subjects on his private India Photo Tour.

Ted is a seasoned traveller who has experienced many wonders of our natural world, and we were truly thrilled that his first experience and safari to this destination exceeded his expectations and left him with a wonderful portfolio!

We hope you enjoy the beautiful selection of images Ted captured during his private Ranthambore and Jawai Photo Safari with us.


We had a fantastic trip, and by now I am sure that you know that we saw 18 Royal Bengal Tigers and approximately 25 different sightings of them!

Our trip to Jawai was also fantastic, and I can only best describe it as mind-blowing! The conservation of these Leopards in the environment they find themselves, is truly remarkable. The Rabari people are incredible and their survival, which in itself is threatened, but they live in harmony with the Leopards in the hills of Jawai!

As far as the lodges were concerned, we were accommodated in world-class accommodation. The management, staff and people in general were fantastic. The cuisine was simply of the very highest standards.

All arrangements were very click as customary with ORYX Photography and Marius. Everything was 100% perfect!
Marius, the Warrior, was always at my side to assist the “old man”. The Old Man also acted as his “father” and got him a few privileges in return for his service and assistance!

Our hosts were fantastic, and I can honestly say that I am more than happy and satisfied with the whole trip!
Thank you to ORYX for all that you did to make the trip such a pleasure, and all I take from there are wonderful memories!

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To view more images from Ted and his worldwide travels, make sure to take a look at the links below:
Website: www.tedswindonwildlifephotography.com
Instagram: @tedswindon

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