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A Photography Tour in South Africa

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is nothing less than the best location in the world for an African photo safari.

Not only is it home to one of the densest concentrations of wildlife in Southern Africa, with numerous predators & a healthy herbivore population, but it also represents some of the finest opportunities in Africa to photograph the Big 5, specifically the elusive Leopard.

Given its remarkable sightings, it has enchanted wildlife enthusiasts for decades and offers prime time game viewing at its best.

ORYX CEO & Founder Marius Coetzee recently lead a private South Africa photo tour to two of the most sought after camps in the reserve; MalaMala and Londolozi.

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MalaMala Game Reserve


At 13,200 ha (33,000 acres), MalaMala is the largest private reserve in the Sabi Sands, with no other lodges’ vehicles allowed in MalaMala’s traversing areas.

The game viewing successes at MalaMala are a direct result of the vast area of land owned, a 19 km (approx. 12 miles) unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park and the fact that the Sand River flows through the property for approximately 19,5 km (approx. 13 miles), assuring a plentiful supply of water at all times. This well-preserved wilderness is a “honey-pot” to the most sought-after wildlife species, as well as a host of smaller creatures.

MalaMala’s habitat varies from Acacia thornveld dotted with Marula trees, to open savanna grasslands, and dense riverine woodland lined with majestic Jackalberry and Fig trees – the perfect habitat for Leopards.

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Anyone who has visited MalaMala knows that Leopards are one of the main attractions here. In fact, these cats are so accustomed to the African safari vehicles that they hardly take any notice of them. Even when hunting, a MalaMala Leopard does not seem to mind a vehicle following it, even if this means following it off-road though the bush!

MalaMala promises some of the finest game viewing on the African continent, and regularly provides the subject matter for a veritable collection of international and local wildlife documentaries (including National Geographic). Many of these documentaries have won international accolades amidst critical acclaim. Indeed, MalaMala is often credited with being the single finest private game reserve in all of Africa.

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Londolozi Game Reserve


As one of the pioneers of the ecotourism industry in South Africa, Londolozi is an unashamedly family run, stand-alone operation. World-renowned as one of Africa’s finest game lodges, it was also first game reserve in the world to be accorded Relais & Châteaux status, reinforcing its commitment to luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and exceptional service.

The root of the word Londolozi is the Zulu word for protect and means “Protector of all living things” – an ambitious conservation ethic that Londolozi embraces in its sensitivity to the natural world. Londolozi is situated on the Sand River in the very heart of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, and in turn forms part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, a vast and growing area, currently covering 6 million acres and incorporating the famous Kruger National Park

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Habitats vary from Acacia thornveld dotted with Marula trees, to open savanna grasslands, and dense riverine woodland lined with majestic Jackalberry and Fig trees.

Breeding herds of Elephant and Cape buffalo roam throughout the area, while White Rhino and Lion concentrations are amongst the highest recorded on the African continent. An open area of grassland often attracts Cheetah, while Londolozi is also famous for its Leopards. Over three decades, a remarkable relationship between wild, free ranging Leopards and trackers has developed, which makes Londolozi world famous. There is no disputing that viewing the Leopards of Londolozi is one of life’s truly treasured experiences!

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With over 65, 000 hectares of traversing wilderness, no two game drives while visiting the Sabi Sands will ever be the same. Given its private status and wildlife plethora, it is no wonder this reserve is in high demand for photo safaris, as well as a cut above the rest.


The Sabi Sands is assuredly a treasure trove, especially for photographers. Book your photography tour in South Africa today!

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