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calving season southern serengeti tanzania

Predators & Calving Season in Southern Serengeti, Tanzania

The wildlife and natural areas of Africa have long enticed travellers, photographers, videographers and naturalists to its insatiable land.

Linda Clews is one such individual whose many adventures to the continent has left her with a boundless passion for its wildlife, capturing her vision and memories through photography.

Having witnessed the wonder of the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara, one that is famed for its dramatic river crossings as migrating herds traverse back and forth in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, it was time to add show Linda the other side of this spectacular annual movement…


The Calving Season.

The Calving Season of the famed Wildebeest Great Migration occurs annually in Tanzania’s Southern Serengeti from approximately mid- to end-January to the end of March. Linda’s private photo tour with me commenced on the 21st February and saw us visiting 2 different camps in the Southern Serengeti. The aim was not only to further our chances of witnessing this great natural spectacle, but also to provide us with a variety of photographic opportunities and wildlife subjects.

Below is just a sweet taste of Linda’s memories and captures from her Migration photo safari with me and ORYX Photo Tours. May you delight in these visions and be transported to the Southern Serengeti with us!

Penny Robartes was a brilliant guide for me, always putting my shooting needs first, making sure that my settings were right, giving advice on how to shoot at a sighting and calming me down when a sighting became intense…no easy feat as there were plenty of those! Thank you for your support and advice, not only on safari, but afterwards as well, and giving me a new outlook on Lightroom!


The Serian camps were wonderful, I loved every minute that we spent there, accommodation, food, staff were great, I look forward to returning one day.


Thank you again for a wonderful safari, I will always treasure those memories. It was an incredibly special place and the whole experience was wonderful. Its hard to explain to people how beautiful it was with all the yellow and purple flowers and then it became the scene of utter carnage as well!


– Linda Clews, February 2020

Tanzania’s Serengeti South is a destination that wildlife photographers dream for. It is wild, it is immense, it is filled with action and serene moments. The destinations we chose were handpicked for their specific offerings and privacy. Over 90% of the wildlife sightings we had were just us alone, or shared with other guests staying at the same small, intimate camps as us.

May this post and Linda’s images keep you dreaming and inspired for your future travels. The magic of our natural world awaits us!

Stay passionate,

Penny Robartes, ORYX Photo Tour Leader

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    Whether you choose to stay in a luxury lodge or a mobile-tented camp, you can be certain that game viewing during the calving season is one of the best times to be in Africa.


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