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A Private Safari in Madikwe

There are some things in life that constantly makes you feel excited and further fuels your passion for it. I am in a fortunate position where my job offers me the platform to hone in on and explore this excitement and passion for the two mediums that bring me immense joy and pleasure in life; wildlife photography and helping others explore and capture their photographic visions.

My name is Penny Robartes, and I am a Wildlife Photographer and Photo Tour Leader for ORYX Photo Tours.

In October 2016 I lead a private photographic safari to South Africa’s 5th largest game Reserve, and one that I have had the pleasure of photographing at often, Madikwe Game Reserve. For 5-days my guests and I would be focusing solely on their photography, enhancing their understanding of their camera from a technical and creative aspect and taking control of the outlook of their images. The promise of a private photographic safari is of high value – it is utterly dedicated to you, your needs as an individual, your growth and understanding, and your expected outcome. Where a private photographic guide comes in is to offer you all the above, and then make you reconsider your expectations by showing and giving you so much more.

That, that is what drives me, and that was my focus for the duration of the safari.

There are many photographic opportunities to focus on whilst on safari. Our game drives offered us the opportunity to explore Madikwe Game Reserve and encounter the various wildlife that call this destination home.

To say that we had spectacular wildlife encounters would be an understatement, and they were many and diverse! From plains game to the famous Big 5, we saw it all and more in a variety of situations and settings. We left no stone unturned in terms of what we could do photographically when we approached each sighting. With only the three of us to our own private vehicle, it afforded me the chance to delve into the specific needs of each guest and their unique visions. We captured an array of moments and told our personal stories of it through our own angles and perspectives of the scenes. As a photographic leader, one of my main attributes is to inspire my guests into exploring the endless possibilities that photography offers us, and use that inspiration to capture images that they may not have thought of or known how to. I have never felt more rewarded than when a guest takes a photograph and positively beams at the image that they created.

But game drives weren’t the only means of photographing the wildlife and further exploring the creativity and visions of my guests on this safari…

We had a far more intimate experience available to us. One where we could sit and gaze at what was occurring in front of us for hours on end, whilst playing with different techniques and mastering others.

Day and night.

We had an underground hide right by the lodge’s very popular waterhole to play in. And play we did!

It was a 5-day private safari that was filled with laughter, learning, exploration, inspiration and growth. Isn’t that a perfect reason to make you feel excited and that will further fuel your passion?

My name is Penny Robartes, and I am a Wildlife Photographer and Photo Tour Leader for ORYX – Worldwide Photographic Expeditions. I hope to experience your photographic journey with you.

Stay passionate,

Penny Robartes

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