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Rhino - South Africa Photo Tour - Dale Morris

A Rhino Photo Portfolio

In Honour of World Rhino Day 2019

We at ORYX Photo Tours are pleased to announce our latest donation of US$6,315 to our conservation partners Rhino’s Without Borders. This brings us to a total donation of US$24,636 in support of these iconic animals.

This Great Plains Foundation project has seen significant progress, and it is an honour for us to be playing our small part in the protection of our planet for future generations.

Below is a selection of Rhino images captured by our Photo Tour Leaders.

We hope you enjoy as we celebrate these iconic species.

South Africa

Rhino - South Africa Photo Tour - Dale Morris
Penny Robarrtes - Rhino Photo Tours - South Africa
Penny Robarrtes - Rhino - South Africa Photo Tours


Rhino - India Photo Tour - Dale Morris
Rhino - India Photographic Tours - Marius Coetzee


Rhino - Kenya Photo tour - Greg du Toit
Rhino - Kenya Photography Tour - Kirsten Frost
Rhino - Kenya Photo Tour - Dale Morris


Rhino - Namibia Photo Tour - Marius Coetzee

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