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Scheduled Safari or Private. Which One is for You?

Going on a Photo Safari and choosing which destination most suits your specific photographic needs is a very personal experience. It is a time where you connect with your surroundings, the wildlife and fauna that is iconic to that place. It is a time where you remove yourself from your daily life and routine to one that is quite different.

It is a time dedicated solely to you

For the passionate photographer and explorer this may be globe hopping from one destination to another, experiencing the vastly different wildlife and cultures that the Earth has to offer to those who seek. It may even be returning to a single destination that continuously resonates with your soul every time you set foot upon its soil.

Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa

For the intrepid traveller or those who have just started this captivating journey, choosing the right destination for your photo safari is as important as those whom are more experienced. The world is a vast place with many areas to seek, so dipping your toe in the water and seeing how warm the water is can be quite nerve-wracking if you don’t know what to expect.

It is a thrilling experience to say the least, and that is one of the main reasons why people often join dedicated photo safari groups when travelling to a destination for the first time. There is much comfort to be had in knowing that your tour leader is there to handle absolutely everything for you (within reason of course. We can do many things, but we are not magicians…yet) and that you will be travelling with like-minded guests.

ORYX’s Photographic Safaris are much the same except with an exciting twist. Photographic safaris are goal orientated whereby each guest joins in order to reach their photographic goals, start their photographic journey, master techniques, learn more, and capture/find their photographic voice.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa

Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa

They are photo safaris about experiences and growth.

They are photo safaris hosted by professional, friendly and knowledgeable Photo Tour Leaders that are dedicated to your photography and vision.

They are safaris created to suit your needs and surpass your expectations.

Scheduled Photo Safaris

Scheduled Madagascar – Endemic Wildlife Photo Tour 2016

Scheduled photo safaris are perfect for those who are looking to travel within the comfort and security that our small group safaris offer, especially if you are a solo traveller and have yet to be introduced to the specific destination that has captured your attention. They offer a relaxed, fun and intimate environment and atmosphere where you can focus on your photography and connect with other photographers who are on this journey with you.

As a Photo Tour Leader, I find that leading scheduled departures to be incredibly stimulating and offers one of the best gifts I can think. People see the world differently from one person to the other. Some are more technical and number orientated, others may focus more on creativity and visual and then of course there are those that dabble between both. Not one stance is right or wrong. That for me is one of the endlessly inspiring aspects of photography; your image is your interpretation of the world you see and the reality you want to create. What could be more utterly exciting and beautiful than that?

Mara North Conservancy, Kenya, Africa

So going back to my initial statement, what I mean by scheduled departures offering one of the best gifts is this; with each person having their own visions and inspirations, you are constantly inspired by what type of images you could get and create. Something that you may not have thought of now becomes available to you. Your photographic guide is there to assist you in capturing the images you envision whilst inspiring you and “see” and capture more. Combined with the unique visions of the other guests, there is a constant stream of inspiration and vision around you that you can choose to tap into should you want.

The very nature of a Photo Tour means that people from all walks of life end up spending the duration of the safari essentially ‘living’ and ‘co-associating’ with people they may never usually associate with in their home environment. We at ORYX Photography understand that healthy group dynamics lead to successful, homogenous tours that can be enjoyed to their full potential, and this is something we take very seriously.

Private Photo Safaris

A private photo safari plays to a tune of its own. More specifically, it plays to yours.

From destination, number of days, amount of people joining you, time of year you would like to travel, specific photographic goals and species, the ORYX team will create an unparalleled safari for you, whether you are a solo traveller or travelling with a group. It offers nearly everything that a scheduled departure does, expect that it is all focused solely on you.

© Pam Chesonis, Instagram, Facebook

© Pam Chesonis, Instagram, Facebook

Your personal ORYX Photo Tour Leader will give you her/his undivided attention as they spend the duration of your private photo tour exploring your photographic wants and needs. Inspiring and delving into their wealth of photographic knowledge to meet your expectations and exceed them is just one of the many prominent features that a private safari has to offer you. It boils down to the guide, their attention, knowledge and guidance being devoted to you alone without you having to share their attention with other guests. It’s incredibly personal, and offers you the space and time to fully explore your photography at your own pace.

© Graham Stone

© Graham Stone

As with all our private photo safaris, you will have a private vehicle to yourself regardless of if you are travelling by yourself or with others. This option offers you complete freedom as we explore the destination and its wildlife together. If you want to spend 20minutes photographing the elegant, sure-footed and almond-eyed Kudu then that is what we will do. You don’t have to worry about other guests wanting to move on, or feel pressured to get the shots or be at the level as some of your fellow travellers.

No, a private departure is exactly what you want from it – intimacy, dedicated to your photographic needs as well as the type of experience you are looking for. ORYX will match this but take it to the next level.

Private Photo Safari, Mara North Conservancy, Kenya, Africa

As I mentioned previously, photography is a very personal medium of exploration and interpretation. Choosing a safari and going on one is photography’s physical equivalent, which makes them a powerful combination. Whether you choose to partake on an ORYX scheduled photographic safari or take the next step and book a private departure, you can be sure that the ORYX team and photo tour leaders will with a powerful portfolio of images reflecting your vision, knowledge than what you had prior to the safari, and of course, an experience of the destination and safari that will leave you inspired and romanced by the beauty and power of our natural world.

ORYX – we are dedicated to you.

Stay passionate,
Penny Robartes

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