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SUJÁN’s Vision

To preserve and protect parts of the Indian wilderness as well as the diverse cultural heritage for future generations.

A Family Dedicated to Conservation

Our family has a legacy of working with wildlife through filming, monitoring, researching and creating awareness about tigers in Ranthambhore for generations. In 1974, when Tejbir and Malvika followed a narrow, winding road it led them to the base of the ancient fort of Ranthambhore. In 1988, they co-established The Ranthambhore Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), working closely with the development of villages around the park boundaries. As a child, Jaisal learnt the lay of the land by walking through every inch of the park; forbidden under today’s regulations. He was taught animal tracking and bush craft skills as a toddler under the tutelage of his father Tejbir, the late Fateh Singh Rathore and his uncle Valmik Thapar – regarded as India’s leading wildlife experts and conservationists.

An early experience that shaped my thinking about conservation was the efforts made by the Ranthambhore Foundation. Spearheaded by my uncle Valmik in 1988, along with my parents, and a few friends, its mission was to create a harmonious understanding between man and nature, aiming to preserve Ranthambhore through the idea of ‘community conservation’. The Ranthambhore Foundation launched a primary health care initiative encompassing ninety-six villages around the park, an afforestation project, a dairy development scheme to encourage stall-feeding of cattle to reduce the pressure of grazing in the park, the promotion of alternative energy, informal education and other such activities. This really inspired me as a child, and most certainly shaped the development of my model of responsible, conservation tourism in the future.” – Jaisal Singh

Jaisal and his wife Anjali have since continued the family’s legacy of conservation through the creation of SUJÁN by introducing proven sustainable tourism models by opening ethically sound, authentic experiences in unique areas of pristine wilderness, which benefit local communities as well as play a role in preserving indigenous wildlife and their habitats.

About The SNS Foundation

The Philanthropic Wing of our Family Enterprise

Our family philanthropic wing, the SNS Foundation, was established in 1976. The Foundation addresses four development verticals – Education, Health and Hygiene, Skill Development and Conservation. The mission of the Foundation is to create social impact among rural communities, with an aim of achieving economic self-reliance and coexisting harmoniously with the environment.

ORYX Conservation Fund

ORYX Conservation Fund

Since its formation, ORYX Photo Tours has been supporting the environment that bring us many delightful hours of photography. In order to co-ordinate and effectively implement our conservation efforts, we launched the ORYX Conservation Fund (OCF). A percentage of each photo tour we lead goes directly into the OCF.

This does not increase the cost of our photo tours as these projects incur no extra administrative expenses; therefore, the sponsoring of the various conservation projects we endeavour to support, does not make our tours more expensive. Ultimately, just by signing up, you are ensured that your contribution goes directly to conservation!

Our ultimate goal is to support conservation in multi-faceted ways, contributing where we can to the preservation of the natural world we so love, and inviting our guests to be part of this ethos as we travel and photograph the world together.

Making a Positive Impact

Our primary objective has always been to preserve and protect wild spaces in India, along with our heritage & culture. Everything we do supports this. By staying at SUJÁN as our guest you are making a direct contribution that will allow us to continue on a truly sustainable journey, committing profits to securing conservation integrity for future generations. A conservation levy is added to each stay, per person, per night, as a contribution to our foundation. Through this levy, every guest who stays with us is not only helping to conserve and expand natural habitats, but also contributes to our conservation and community development projects in the area.


13 schools in 3 districts of Rajasthan adopted by SUJÁN.


14,600 beneficiaries treated for primary health. Mobile Medical Unit launched to provide free primary healthcare across 6 villages.


19,200 individuals directly benefit from our sanitation programme.

of all Students

51.7% of all students benefiting from SUJÁN’s school adoption schemes are girls.

Wilderness Protected

52SQKM wilderness protected including the rebuilding of approximately 150 acres of farmland.

of Employees

79.7% of employees are from the state of Rajasthan. The majority of them are from rural communities.

Individual Leopards

55 individual leopards identified between 2013-2019 in the JAWAI area.

Total Expenditure

₹47,061,753 total expenditure on our initiatives.

Our Tenets of Conservation

Our conservation initiatives run across several districts of Rajasthan with a focus on, but not limited to, the following four tenets: Biodiversity, Holistic Community Development, Sustainability and preservation of our Culture & Heritage.


The restoration, preservation and protection of our landscapes is central to our conservation vision. In partnership with our local communities we help to manage wilderness land, so that it can support and maintain ecological processes and wildlife in harmony with the human population.

Holistic Community Development

Ensuring that our local communities understand and benefit from the existence of each SUJÁN is a crucial element of our responsible tourism model. Our long-term community development goal is designed to improve the quality of living, health & sanitation, education & future for our communities.


Operating in an environmentally conscious way at every level of the business – is at the heart of the SUJÁN ethos. We believe sustainability is an ongoing journey of continuous awareness, improvement, and adaptation, and we do our best to be as eco-friendly as possible.


Preservation of our rich heritage and culture is incredibly important to us as a family. We aim to always respect, protect and promote the local culture wherever we operate, supporting the arts, music, textiles, artisans & traditional customs that are found in our local communities.

Ongoing Projects

At SUJÁN, we are dedicated to preserving, protecting and restoring the Indian wilderness, as well as our diverse cultural heritage. These commitments of our family go back almost five decades and have been at the core of our operations since inception. Find out more about some of our latest projects below:

Working with our local communities to ensure that they not only benefit from the existence of SUJÁN but thrive because of it is vital to our operations. We have successfully launched a completely free Mobile Medical Primary Health Care service that operates 6 days a week, in our 5 villages neighbouring SUJÁN JAWAI. We have donated a fully equipped medical van and with it provide, a driver, a doctor & nurse and a supply of medicines, to give free primary health care to our local communities. We have treated over 5982 patients since October 2018, of which 51% of these are women. Villagers no longer have to travel long distances to seek basic medical help and, as has traditionally been custom in India, medicines are being delivered to their door. Consisting of just 10 seasonal tents, our guest conservation levy enables this van to operate throughout the year. That’s impact!

We recognise that access to quality early education provides a foundation for success in later life, and also goes hand in hand with learning more about conservation and the need to protect our delicate ecosystems. We believe, education is the most powerful tool which can be used to change the world. We have adopted 13 schools, across Rajasthan, impacting over 5670 students. The communities close to our camps, play a key role in helping us to achieve our conservation goals, so improving the quality of primary education is key.

SUJÁN is a proud partner and primary donor to the Village Wildlife Volunteer Programme. It is run by Tiger Watch, with assistance from the Forest Department, Government of Rajasthan. It is focused on providing surveillance, monitoring, anti-poaching, and scientific data collection. The volunteers are local villagers, cattle herders and farmers, who, with the help of latest technology such as smartphone and camera traps, are monitoring wildlife and thus playing a crucial role in the conservation mission.

Currently our rewilding programme at SUJÁN JAWAI focuses on returning farmland back to wilderness. Every year, just before the arrival of the monsoon rains to Rajasthan, our team at SUJÁN JAWAI get planting! Land that we have put under conservation, that has been previously been used by local farmers for agriculture, is rehabilitated and reforested by our team, with appropriate local vegetation either grown at our seed bank or purchased from our neighbouring villages. Over the years we have established an on-site nursery at camp that holds a number of different indigenous plants, wild grasses and trees. By working with our local communities to restore and maintain the biological integrity of the JAWAI landscape in a sustainable manner, we are fulfilling our purpose to preserve and protect our precious wilderness & all that inhabits it for future generations.

Our Sponsors

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