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Brazil – Wildlife of the Pantanal Photo Tour II 2021

Brazil – Wildlife of the Pantanal Photo Tour II 2021

US$6,400 per person sharing


13 Aug 2021 – 23 Aug 2021

Considered one of the ten “mega-diversity” countries of the world, our Brazil photography tour is an adventure to the vast Pantanal, an endless mix of backwaters, lakes, rivers, gallery forests and forested islands.

This is the planet’s largest tropical wetland and is home to some of the most spectacular concentrations of wildlife in South America. Birds are abundant, and a fantastic selection of wildlife awaits the avid photographer, however one creature has an aura unlike any other in the region, and that is the mythical Jaguar. With four full days of boat excursions to search for these water-loving cats, we really have a fabulous opportunity to come to grips with these huge predators.

Why this Photo Tour is for You

Destination Allure

This is only place on earth where one is virtually guaranteed to encounter a Jaguar.

Month of Travel

Our Photo Tour takes place in August, when rainfall is at its lowest and animals cluster around the shrinking lakes and rivers.

Number of Species

The Pantanal is saturated with a diverse array of wildlife and birds! Photographic highlights include the Giant River Otter, Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan, Jabiru, Greater Rhea, Brazilain Tapir, Giant Anteater, Capybara, Armadillo and Yacare Caiman.

Small Group Departures

Travel to this exotic location with like-minded individuals and share your photographic bucket list together.

Guided experience

Local knowledge of the region and its wildlife is key to crafting the ultimate photography tour experience. Combined with the photographic expertise of your ORYX Photo Tour Leader, and you are in for an adventure that will further fuel your excitement for photography and the destination.

Dale Morris - ORYX Photo Tours

Dale Morris

11 Days
6 Guests + 1 ORYX Leader
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • per person sharing
    USD 6,400
  • Single Supplement
    USD 800
  • Photographic Highlights
    Jaguar, Hyacinth Macaw, Jabiru, Greater Rhea, Bare-faced Curassow, Brazilian Tapir, Giant River Otter

Days 1 to 2: Cuiaba to Piuval

Today marks the start of our incredible Pantanal photography tour as we make our way out of Cuiabá to Pousada Piuval, which is one of the best places for birds and mammals in the Northern Pantanal. This is where we will spend the next two nights.

Days 3 to 4: Rio Claro

We will continue our Pantanal photo safari as we will explore the forest and the savannas along the Claro River. Renowned as a bird paradise among birders and photographers alike, this river takes centre stage and puts on a stunning display of feathered friends in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Days 5 to 9: Pantanal

Over the next four full days of our Pantanal photography tour, we will have the amazing opportunity to search for our main photographic subject, the mighty Jaguar, with a series of early morning and late afternoon boat rides. We also have the fabulous opportunity for intimate encounters with family groups of Giant River Otters, huge Brazilian Tapirs (South America’s biggest land mammal), hundreds of Capybara, Caiman and various bird species.

Days 10 - 11: Pantanal to Cuiaba

Today we make our way back to Cuiabá, where we will spend one more evening together and reminisce together as a group about our amazing time on our Pantanal photo safari before sadly departing home.
BrazilIan Felton & Jennifer Beuge, USA

We had an excellent Pantanal photo safari! We liked the itinerary and felt it was paced well. Dale Morris was a fantastic guide again (as we had him on our Madagascar trip). A big part of why we chose Pantanal this year was because of how much we enjoyed touring with Dale. If we didn't live on other ends of the earth, I think Dale would be a great friend of mine. He's adept at photography, provides constant feedback on whatever we are shooting, and is knowledgeable about so much wildlife and ecology matters. He cares very much about the experience of the group and is always working for "the tribe" while traveling.

BrazilRobert Purcell, United States of America

I want to reiterate Sue’s comments about the extraordinary quality of our Pantanal experience.  Having Dale and Giuliano as our mentors on this trip made it just outstanding.  Accommodations were also excellent, especially the houseboat. Just to reemphasize: Dale’s photographic expertise and teaching skills were outstanding, matched by Giuliano’s naturalist’s skills and rapport with all of the personnel and staff we encountered at the various venues.  Our friends and co-tourists on the trip were equally impressed, and we are still drinking caiparinhas and savouring wonderful memories.

BrazilSue Emerson, United States of America

First I want to thank you for all the quick responses to our questions. And for your help in getting us organized. This was one of the greatest trips we have taken. The wild life was spectacular and I got better pictures than I ever have before, due to Dale’s teaching. I admit to being lazy and intimidated in the past and though I have excellent equipment, I never went beyond the programmed and automatic functions. Dale convinced me to start using other functions and to consider the subject from other angles and completely changed the way I will do things in the future. I learned a lot. Everything was well done and the house boat was especially wonderful; it was a 5-star experience with friendly people, wonderful food and skilled boat drivers. We will certainly recommend ORYX to all our friends.

BrazilDenise Iling, Australia

Dale is an excellent travelling companion and teacher, and we had a lot of fun. Giulliano was a great host, and very patient with us all.

BrazilGM, United States of America

We had a wonderful time with Dale and Guiliano. They were a really good match; flexible, thoughtful, understood all our interests and needs. The Pantanal and both young men exceeded our expectations. Dale was tremendously helpful and so enthusiastic. He is also just a terrifically interesting person with a wide variety of life experiences for one so young. He is a pleasure to be with. We found him to be a very good teacher, seeming to know what level of information each participant might need. I think he found the right balance of teaching and just being there and soaking it all in. He helped me be much less intimidated by my camera.  The whole experience was first rate, thank you very much!

BrazilSue Emerson & Robert Purchell, United States of America

Dale was tour leader on our recent ORYX trip to the Pantanal of Brazil. His love of nature and passion for photography were obvious and the knowledge and experience he shared with us were a huge part of making this an outstanding and unforgettable trip. His photography lessons and advice nudged us into new ways of taking and composing photos and led to the best collection of photographs we have ever taken on any trip. He was a real asset to this trip and his lessons will be remembered and applied. And he also tells great stories.”

BrazilAlan and Michelle Hinde, Australia

Dale was an excellent guide. His enthusiasm is infectious and knowledge of the wildlife and environment is outstanding. He was a pleasure to be with and we all gained from his photographic expertise. All four of us would travel with Dale on another ORYX trip without hesitation.

BrazilGreg Cowle, United States of America

The Brazil trip was excellent. The wildlife sightings every day were amazing, beyond my expectations. Other arrangements such as for food and accommodation were all good quality, for a very comfortable trip. Dale was great as the photo tour leader, he made sure everyone knew how to use their equipment for every situation, and made sure we were in the right place for best photo opportunities. Giuliano was also terrific, not only for his local knowledge in finding the wildlife, but also with his understanding of best photo opportunities.

BrazilMary Chambers, Canada

We want to thank you and the entire ORYX team for providing an absolutely fabulous photo vacation. We would particularly credit Dale and Giuliano for their care and attention in making this such a memorable holiday. We are especially pleased that they managed to convince the jaguars to show up for us on six of the nine outings on the river portion of the trip. You can rest assured that we will be recommending the ORYX team to all of our travel and nature photography friends.

BrazilMike Richardson, Australia

The Wildlife of the Pantanal Photo Tour and my tour extensions provided fabulous wildlife spectacles and photographic opportunities!

In particular I would like to thank Dale Morris for his contribution in the Northern Pananal. He was most constructive in terms of his helping with my photography. I had been impervious to advice in the past but Dale was truly able to guide me and it shows in my images of our time together. He made himself really available to all of us; he had designed the programme so we went from highlight to highlight; he was always wryly self-effacing,considerate and courteous.I’m not sure whether the wildlife behaving so well was also a credit to Dale!

My thanks to the Oryx team!

BrazilFiona Stoker & Clarissa Young, Australia

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Brazil, with great service and a truly amazing time.

Dale was great and I would like to commend him in particular as he taught Clarissa and I so much on that trip and enabled us to take some good shots despite our cameras.

We loved the accommodation and the best food was on the boat and the first stop where the accommodation was fair but situated in the best spot with excellent food!

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