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Chile – Pumas of Patagonia Photo Tour 2023

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18 Apr 2023 – 23 Apr 2023

Near South America’s southernmost tip lies a vast and wild land that sprawls across Argentina and Chile, and is home to fantastic mountain peaks, vast and empty steppes, glaciers and icefields and some incredible animals. This area – Patagonia – is world-renowned for its incredible natural beauty, and it is here where the elusive Puma can be found far easier than almost anywhere in the Americas.


Frequently regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world, the 1,800 square kilometre / 700 square mile Torres del Paine National Park is our chosen spot for our Patagonia photo tour to photograph the beautiful Puma; the open terrain and good population of Pumas, together with the fact that their habits are well known means that we have a very good chance of seeing and photographing them on foot!


With other wildlife including the Guanaco, Andean Deer, Hairy Armadillo, Chilla Fox, Geoffroy’s Cat and Patagonian Weasel awaiting to be seen, not to mention fantastic bird life, Torres del Paine is assuredly a photographic destination that needs to be ticked off the bucket list!

Why this Photo Tour is for You

Destination Allure

Patagonia, specifically Torres Del Paine, is world-renowned for its incredible natural beauty and it supports one of the largest concentrations of Puma in the world.

Month of Travel

Visit Torres Del Paine at the turn of the season which dots the landscapes with pops of colour, offering beautiful photographic backdrops.

Wildlife & Landscapes

Along with its most popular drawcard, the puma, Torres Del Paine also plays host to numerous other wildlife species and is known for its fantastic birding as well. All set against a backdrop comprising of mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers. It is truly a photogenic locale!

Small Group Departures

This photo tour is limited to only 6 guests, and will include a puma tracker and local guide to maximise photographic opportunities.

Guided Experience

We will be trekking on foot in order to get wildlife sightings at an optimum distance wherever possible; note that our walks may include light hiking to some of the best vistas in the park for landscape photography.

To Be Announced

6 Days
6 Guests & 1 ORYX Leader
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Punta Arenas, Chile
  • price
  • Single Supplement
  • Photographic Highlights
    Puma, Guanaco, Andean Deer, Culpeo, Grey Fox, Patagonian weasel, landscapes

Day 1: Punta Arenas or Peurto Natales to Torres Del Paine

After arrival in the quaint city of Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales, an airport or hotel collection will be arranged to begin your Patagonia photo tour to the village of Cerro Castillo nestled in Torres Del Paine National Park. After checking into our accommodations for the evening, the photo tour leader will discuss the upcoming days in more detail. ***Please arrive one day earlier if your flight does not arrive in time for pick up on Day 1. Pick up time to be confirmed***

Days 2 to 5: Torres Del Paine National Park

Over the next 4 days, our Torres del Paine tour will focus on searches of its wildlife, and focus on photographing its unique wilderness. Torres del Paine, Spanish for “Towers of Paine” and “Paine”, an old indigenous word for the colour blue, is a breathtaking national park that encompasses mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and its main wildlife drawcard, the glorious Puma. The park supports one of the largest concentrations of Puma in the wild. Your guide and Puma tracker, who regularly follow Puma family groups, will constantly be on the lookout with the help of binoculars and spotting scopes, and will use their years of experience in the park to ensure that we catch sight of this big cat. Our time spent in Torres del Paine will be flexible as strategies are adjusted each day according to the big cat’s movements in the area. As we journey on foot into the park, we will also be on the lookout for other wildlife species such as Guanaco, Andean Deer, Hairy Armadillo, Chilla Fox and Culpeo Fox, the elusive Geoffroy’s cat, the endangered Chilean Huemul and the Patagonian weasel. Birding is also fantastic in this national park! And of course, a Patagonia photography tour would not be complete without a little landscape photography!

Day 6: Drive Torres del Paine to Punta Arenas and depart

Sadly, today is our last day on our Patagonia photography tour and we will bid farewell to Torres del Paine. After breakfast and one last morning session in the park, we will drive back to Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales in time to catch our flights back to Santiago. ***Looking to extended your stay in Patagonia? Let us know and we can assist with a tailor made extension!***
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