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Svalbard – Autumn Light Photo Expedition 2022

US$10,995 - US$11,795 per individual

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3 Sep 2022 – 13 Sep 2022

With towering snowcapped mountains, forbidding glaciers and flower-studded tundra, it is here where the formidable Polar Bear reigns as the apex predator and we hope to capture these white bears on the drifting ice sprinkled across the ocean. With summer in the past, ice conditions should be favourable, allowing us to explore the north-eastern parts of the archipelago as well and we hope to capture other iconic Arctic mammals such as Walruses, Arctic Fox and various seals. Although many bird species may have migrated by this time, September is great for whale watching and we hope to find the Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Humpback Whale, Minke Whale, Beluga and the White-beaked Dolphin. Zodiac trips will be incorporated to get closer to wildlife, the ice and glaciers as we explore this unforgettable destination on our Svalbard photography tour

Why this Photo Expedition is for You

Destination Allure

Svalbard is considered the best place in the world to photograph the legendary Polar Bear, as well as other notable Arctic mammals and birds.

Month of Travel

As the season shifts into autumn, sunrises and sunsets return and bathe the Arctic landscape and its subjects in stunning lighting conditions.

Getting the shot

We will make use of zodiac boats for landings and to get closer to Arctic wildlife.

Small Group Departures

This expedition is limited to only 12 passengers apart from your Photo Tour Leaders and expedition crew, and is an exclusive photographers-only photo tour.

Experienced Team

Our photography team consists of some of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers, who are all local Norwegians and considered the polar experts of their field.

To be announced: Roy Mangersnes / Ole J Liodden

11 Days
12 Guests + 2 ORYX Leaders
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • per individual
    From US$10,995 to US$11,795
  • Single Supplement
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  • Photographic Highlights
    Polar Bear, Walrus, Svalbard Reindeer, Arctic Fox, incredible polar scenery bathed in colours of the sunrises and sunsets
  • Guide

Day 1: Departure from Longyearbyen

Our Svalbard Photography Tour begins at the richly historical former mining town of Longyearbyen and we will embark on the expedition ship in the late afternoon.

Days 2 to 5: North of Spitsbergen, heading east towards Storøya

Heading toward the ice, we will start searching for Polar Bears and Walruses. Depending on the ice conditions this will be north of Spitsbergen or in the Nordaustlandet, and will continue our search eastwards towards Storøya.

Day 6: Sailing south toward Bråsvellbreen and into Hinlopen

Our photo safari will today take us into Hinlopen, the strait that separates the islands of Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet. We will be on the lookout for Polar Bears, as well as whales and Walrus. The islands found here are known for their hundreds of thousands of Guillemots and Kittiwakes but weather depending, they may have migrated south for by the time we visit their breeding grounds but we hope to capture their migration!

Days 7 to 9: Liefdefjorden (Monaco Glacier)

The Monaco Glacier (alternatively known as Monacobreen) is a spectacular glacier that debouches out of Liefdefjorden. It is an impressive site and we will use our zodiac boats to get as close as possible. Its coastal plain offers a great area to spot Polar Bears that frequent the area to hunt for Ringed Seals or feed on bird’s eggs. Our Svalbard photo tour then sees us routing to the north-western corner of Spitsbergen, known for its beautiful mountains and glaciers.

Day 10: Sailing south-west

Today is the penultimate day of our Svalbard Photography Tour. We will be on lookout for varying cetacean species, especially the adorable Beluga Whale! We will cruise to Alkehornet, where its towering cliffs offer nesting sites for Fulmars, Kittiwakes and beaches may yield Arctic Fox and Svalbard Reindeer. We will make our back to Longyearbyen.

Day 11: Disembark from the ship Longyearbyen and depart

Having arrived at Longyearbyen in the middle last night, we will this morning be disembarking as our incredible photography expedition sadly comes to an end!   *Please note: This itinerary is a guideline only, and the program is dependent on weather, ice conditions and wildlife.


Svalbard ClassicAndries Combrink, South Africa

Going on this Svalbard photo tour was an amazing experience, one that left me close to tears at time at the sheer magnitude of what we saw in both the landscape and the wildlife. It was a supreme experience and found it surreal that as Africans with a rich and diverse natural environment around us, we had to travel almost 12 000km north to experience the best that nature has to offer. It was one of the few times I've truly felt a sense of awe and sheer isolation in nature.

Svalbard ClassicAndreas Muller, Germany

I had a fantastic experience during my Svalbard photo tour and is so worthwhile going on the trip! We saw walruses, seals, polar bears, foxes, reindeers, whales (one blue Whale!) and a lot of birds. A lot of effort was implemented from the crew to find the wildlife and it was also great to be internet free for 9 days! We had wonderful days with a lot of unforgettable memories.

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