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Svalbard – Winter Photo Expedition I 2026

US$11,545 - US$12,095 per individual

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07 Apr 2026 – 15 Apr 2026

With towering snow-capped mountains and forbidding glaciers, it is here where the formidable Polar Bear reigns as the apex predator and we hope to capture these white bears during our Svalbard photography tour on the drifting ice sprinkled across the ocean. Although Polar Bears are not as numerous as in the summer because there is more ice for them to hide on in winter, April is peak breeding time for them and these kings of the ice will be out on the glacier floors looking for a mate. Walruses, seals, arctic fox and reindeer are often seen, and seabirds are in the process of returning to their breeding grounds. Zodiac trips will be incorporated to get closer to wildlife, the ice and glaciers as we explore this unforgettable destination when it is completely devoid of humans.

Why this Photo Expedition is for You

Destination Allure

Svalbard is considered the best place in the world to photograph the legendary Polar Bear, as well as other notable Arctic mammals and birds.

Month of Travel

As the season shifts into spring, light returns to the Arctic and bathes its landscape and subjects in stunning lighting conditions.


As the only team that is able to charter in Svalbard during spring, you will not be able to experience Svalbard in these conditions with any other expedition ship.

Small Group Departures

This expedition is limited to only 12 passengers apart from your Photo Tour Leaders and expedition crew, and is an exclusive photographers-only photo tour.

Experienced Team

Our photography team consists of some of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers, who are all local Norwegians and considered the polar experts of their field.

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Marius Coetzee

9 Days
12 Guests + 2 ORYX Leaders
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • per individual
  • Single Supplement
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  • Photographic Highlights
    Polar Bear, Walrus, Seals, Arctic Fox and other notable Arctic mammals and birds, incredible light allowing for sensational scenery and wildlife photographic opportunities.
  • Guide

Day 1: Departure from Longyearbyen

Our Svalbard photography tour begins at the richly historical former mining town of Longyearbyen, and we will embark on the expedition ship in the late afternoon.

Days 2 to 4: Western coast of Spitsbergen

Over the coming three days, we will sail north along the western coast of Spitsbergen, visiting Kongsfjorden, Lilliehööksfjorden, Magdalenefjorden and Prins Karls Forland. Photo targets will include the rugged landscapes, glaciers, the mighty Polar Bear, Walrus and Bearded and Harp seals.

Days 5 to 7: Northwestern coast of Spitsbergen

We continue our photography expedition as we sail along the northwestern coast of Spitsbergen past Smeerenburgfjorden, Raudfjorden and Liefdefjorden. Landscapes are spectacular, and we should have good chances for wildlife on the ice, particularly Walrus!

Day 8: Return to Longyearbyen

Today is the penultimate day of the expedition, as we sail back to Longyearbyen, routing via the now familiar Isfjorden.

Day 9: Disembark from the ship Longyearbyen and depart

Having arrived at Longyearbyen in the middle last night, we will this morning be disembarking as our incredible Svalbard photo tour sadly comes to an end! *Please note: This itinerary is a guideline only, and the program is dependent on weather, ice conditions and wildlife*
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