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Svalbard Photo Tour: The Winter Experience – by Sue MacCallum-Stewart

A Svalbard Photo Tour in Winter is a unique photo experience that very few photographers have had the pleasure of experiencing. During the months of March and April the light conditions on Svalbard are quite simply magical with soft, pastel shades of orange, pink and blue that bathe the landscapes in an otherworldly light that is indescribable.

ORYX clients Peter & Susan MacCallum-Stewart took their first photo safari to the archipelago this past April and absolutely fell in love with what it had to offer, so much so that they are already planning to return in two years!

Susan (or Sue as she prefers to be called!) captured an amazing portfolio of images and highlights some of her favourite memories from this Svalbard tour:

“Svalbard in the winter is beautiful, isolated, atmospheric and darn cold! Because of the change of season, it never got dark, which made making a decision on when to catch up on a few hours of sleep a rather difficult task as you feel certain that you will miss something in the ever changing landscape! The noise of the ship’s engine, the cracking of ice and the gliding northern fulmars were all part of the magic on this Svalbard photo tour.”

“We were lucky to have 6 polar bear sightings, as well as two orcas that swam alongside the ship for an hour or so. It was midnight when we spotted them and it was also the first night of the midnight sun. We were sailing at 80˚37’’ along the pack ice with a steaming ocean that looked like it was on fire making this an unforgettable encounter. I have travelled to many beautiful destinations but this Svalbard tour was really special and definitely needs to be revisited!” – Sue MacCallum-Stewart

Svalbard Portfolio

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The Winter Experience in Svalbard

Usually, Svalbard photography tours during winter are limited to using snowmobiles quite close to Longyearbyen. However, with our expedition ship we will explore a much bigger area, having been granted special permission by the Norwegian authorities. 

Expect to meet wildlife like the supreme Polar Bear, Walrus, Arctic Fox, various seals and Svalbard Reindeer. Although Polar Bear and Walrus are not as numerous as in summer time, mostly because there is more ice for them to hide on in winter, sightings are very possible especially since April is breeding season for Polar Bears. 

Join ORYX on an unforgettable Svalbard tour and photograph the magical Arctic winter. Live your dreams! 

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