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Mike Dexter

Mike Dexter is a professional photo guide, renowned wildlife photographer and  widely published travel journalist, not surprising given the context.

More unexpectedly, at one point or another he has been an outdoor education instructor in Tasmania, an English teacher in Thailand, a photojournalism student in South Africa and even an official theatre photographer. But these were sideshow chapters as there was never any doubt that it was in the wild places of the earth that his future lay. True to form, for over a decade now he has been photographing and exploring the most wild and remote corners of Africa, often with his zoologist wife and intrepid canine at his side, each adventure fuelling the fire for the next.

Nurtured in his training as a photojournalist is his belief that photographers are first and foremost storytellers and that no matter if it’s wildlife, portraiture or landscapes, a photograph’s role is to tell a true and tangible tale. This guiding principle resonates through his images which are not digitally manipulated but rather are enhanced by an in-depth understanding of the subject gained from a mix of empathy and experience.

With a FGASA level II guiding qualification and more than a few years of experience under the belt he is able to tell compelling stories of the natural world through his images. More importantly though he has a penchant for passing on this knowledge and instilling in others the value of authenticity, creativity and originality in their photographs. 

Mike’s images are regularly published in leading travel and wildlife magazines, he has had a solo exhibition for Amnesty International and his work has graced the walls of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Client Testimonials

  • BotswanaMashatuShravan Rao, Canada

    The photo safari organised by ORYX to Mashatu, Botswana, included a scheduled tour with Mike Dexter and a private extension. Mike is an excellent wildlife photographer with significant experience in wildlife behaviour. He always pointed out photo composition opportunities and camera settings at every sighting, which made it so easy to get great photos. He shared his photographs back at the camp, and how he edited them in Lightroom; these opened me to possibilities to consider on the next drive or hide session. The hide sessions were exceptional with huge herds of elephants, the giraffes, elands, impalas, warthogs, squirrels and several birds. Mike, having originally built the Mashatu hide, again pointed out compositions as they unfolded. It was an exceptional photo trip with several great images to show. It was a tour that was originally booked pre-Covid, but organised very well and with great communication through-out, thanks to Nicolette. It was a trip I wish never ended because of Mike and Nicolette's fantastic support to making this so good in terms of overall experience and the great photos they helped me get.

  • South AfricaAndreas Muller, Germany

    This was my fourth trip with ORYX Photo Tours: There was no better way to enjoy wildlife and to improve the own photographic skills. A small international group - all dedicated wildlife photographers - with a professional wildlife photographer. I learned a lot and saw amazing wildlife:

    Leopards were our main target in the Sabi Sands, and we saw them every day! Hunting, stalking, resting, and mating. My pictures are now more interesting and breathtaking than ever before! The ORYX guides - in my case, Penny Robartes (Sabi Sands) and Mike Dexter (Madikwe), have been very inspiring and supportive. I am already planning my next wildlife photographic tour with ORYX!

  • South AfricaDiane Hillman, USA

    From the pre-departure correspondence to the luxurious lodge, food, and quality guide, this tour was fantastic. I was a non-photographer accompanying my husband and really enjoyed the game drives and excellent knowledge Mike shared with us throughout the adventure. The small group of 4 participants was perfect.

  • South AfricaJeffrey Reasol, USA

    I had a fantastic trip in Madikwe and The Bush House was just a perfect place to stay in Madikwe Game Reserve. The owners were so hospitable and warm in welcoming us, and made our stay even better. The service of the staff  was great as well, and of course the food they served was so good and healthy. The grounds of the property was just perfect for the holiday, with well kept landscaping with flowery gardens and trees attracting a lot of birds as well. Just sitting there and basking on the the surroundings was a zen like moment.  The water hole and underground hide attracted herds of elephants, zebras , wildebeest, buffalos, warthogs... it was just a wonderful and exciting experience.

    Mike Dexter was a great host and photo tour leader.  He was there with us all the time in making our wildlife photo tour experience in Madikwe as fantastic and productive it can be. He has an eye in creating a great photo when presented with an opportunity to a wildlife encounter. be it in low light, harsh light or beautifully  well lit encounter. He actively directed and taught us how to approach and photograph the animal to create a story and a memorable photo as well.  He made sure that we are all well positioned to get the best  photo opportunity. I have created photos that I haven't had before and I am happy with what I captured.   As much as Mike is a great wildlife photographer /photo tour leader with vast knowledge of his field, he is also a great and kind person, very personable, level headed and humble man. It was a pleasure and privilege to be on this tour with him.

  • Private BotswanaBarry & Veronica Winterbourn, Australia

    We were lucky enough to have Mike Dexter as a guide during our recent photo tour to Mashatu. During the five days we were with Mike he shared his great knowledge of animal behaviour and the environment. It was a pleasure to work with someone who understands photographers and who instinctively knows the best place to position the vehicle. He was incredibly patient and was never in a rush to move on or to take his own photographs even when there were incredible sightings. Mike was very generous with his knowledge and if you had a query on anything that he was unsure of, he made sure he found the answer. For us Mike is the best guide we have encountered in several trips to Africa. Knowledgeable, interesting and a really nice guy to spend hours with. Barry and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike for any guiding experiences.

  • Private South AfricaTimothy Schacker, USA

    I had a truly outstanding photo safari experience with Mike. We spent a lot of time talking about technique, equipment and critiquing photos. He obviously has a wealth of experience in wildlife photography and does a great job sharing that with his clients. I would highly recommend him!

  • Private TourRonak Thakrar, United Kingdom

    This was an amazing experience from start to finish. Mike provided some vital guidance prior to our trip, assisting me in buying the right equipment and correct setting for our first photographic safari. Mike is an excellent wildlife photographer, working well with the guides to ensure we had the best spot for photographs. Not only did we return with some amazing pictures we also learnt a lot about safari photography and post-processing in lightroom. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough!

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