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Roy Mangersnes

Roy Mangersnes is considered amongst the most influential nature photographers in Norway today.

He is former chairman of the two largest nature photography associations in Norway: BioFoto and Norwegian professional Nature Photographers Association. He has published several books and has won multiple international awards including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (UK), European Wildlife Photographer of the Year – GDT (Germany), Natures Best Awards (USA) and was awarded Arctic photographer of the year 2013 by the Global Arctic Awards (Russia). Roy works around the world and his images are widely published in magazines and books on a global scale. He is also an experienced speaker and has presented his work at several international photo festivals. In 2015 he published the book “Svalbard Exposed” with his colleague Ole Jørgen Liodden, and in 2016 he published another Svalbard book named «Frozen in Time».

Besides his career as a photographer, Roy is a Photo Tour Partner to ORYX Photo Tours. He has extensive experience as an expedition leader and photographic host, undertaking assignments around the world to destinations ranging from the Arctic to the Antarctic, while also visiting areas in Africa and the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador.

Roy Mangersnes is an ORYX Photo Tour Partner and hosts our tours to Svalbard, Alaska, Greenland and Antarctica Peninsula.

Client Testimonials

  • Norway – LofotenRowena Putter, South Africa

    Wow! What an amazing photo tour to Lofoten it was!

    All arrangements were excellent, the itinerary well-chosen and the guides (Roy assisted by Arild Heitmann) excellent. The guys were great company, diligent in persuading us up steep slopes, across icy beaches and into the teeth of ferocious winds to get “that perfect shot” ….and they were never wrong. They took great efforts to assist and instruct, always making great suggestions on how to look for the shot that offered something special and told more of a story than just waves breaking on a beach (for example). I learned so much and had a wonderful time to boot!

    So I am now officially an ORYX groupie and photographic addict.

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  • Svalbard ClassicDavid & Ulana Farmer, USA

    Overall the Svalbard trip was excellent! We were very impressed with the planning, flexibility in adjusting to ice conditions etc., and especially with the outstanding leadership and skill of our guides Roy and Frede. The opportunities for wildlife photography were superb and I could not possibly pass on suggestions for any improvement in leadership, management and viewing approach. This was as good as it gets and we are grateful for the efforts of all involved. In addition we are greatly appreciative of the friendly and effective crew of the ORIGO who were always ready to help. A valuable aspect was the Captain’s ready willingness, in fact encouragement, to let us stay up on the bridge at all hours and watch the magnificent scenery and wildlife slip past as we sailed through this remote environment. Our thanks go to all the staff!

  • Svalbard ClassicBryan Forley, United States

    It was an amazing trip! It was a combination of stunning landscapes and magnificent wildlife. Roy and Frede, as well as the entire crew of the ship were great and I enjoyed every minute!

  • Svalbard WinterPeter & Susan MacCallum-Stewart, UK

    We had a really magical time. Svalbard is a truly beautiful place…. We had great guides, light, sightings, fellow travellers and food.

Upcoming Tours with Roy

Fully Booked
22 Mar 2023 – 30 Mar 2023
9 Days
12 Guests + 2 ORYX Leaders
Fully Booked
30 Mar 2023 – 7 April Mar 2023
9 Days
12 Guests + 2 ORYX Leaders
Antarctica photography tours-1 Spaces Available
22 Jan 2024 - 5 Feb 2024
14 Days
53 Guests + 5 ORYX Leaders

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