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Daniel Bailey

Daniel Bailey, an ORYX Photo Tour Leader, is a passionate explorer and wildlife photographer dedicated to capturing the beauty of African wildlife. Growing up in Zimbabwe, he developed a profound love for nature and the untamed landscapes of Africa. After completing his degree at Stellenbosch University, Dan pursued his dream of becoming a ranger and professional photography guide.

Dan’s career began in South Africa’s Eastern Cape before joining the renowned MalaMala Game Reserve in 2015. As a specialist photographic ranger, he combined his passion for photography and cinematography with his deep connection to the wild.

With a decade of experience photographing African wildlife, Dan has guided guests throughout Africa, specializing in countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. His exceptional understanding of animal behavior and ability to position guests for optimal photographic opportunities set him apart. Dan’s extensive safari experience, including at MalaMala Game Reserve, and his international guiding expertise in places like Madagascar (lemurs) and India’s Himalayas (snow leopards) have further honed his skills. Dan’s adventurous spirit continues to lead him to new horizons. He is currently preparing to travel with guests to Svalbard in search of Arctic wildlife and polar bears.

His commitment to conservation is evident through his contribution to the “Remembering Lions” charity book, raising awareness about the challenges faced by these majestic creatures.

With a warm and relaxed demeanor, Dan effortlessly connects with safari-goers, guiding them on their photographic journeys. He provides personalized photographic tuition, offering expert advice on camera settings and post-processing guidance. Dan’s dedication to teaching extends to cinematic video editing as well.

Daniel Bailey’s exceptional talent, extensive knowledge of African wildlife, and commitment to conservation make him an outstanding ORYX Photo Tour Leader. Through his guidance, guests can capture the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, expand their photography and cinematography skills, and have an unforgettable experience.

Client Testimonials

  • Private South AfricaJenny Brown, South Africa

    This was my last safari for this year with ORYX photo tours. I am on a journey of photographic discovery, of the natural world, as well as of my own artistic expression.

    I have been so blessed to have the means to follow this passion but even more so, to have been able to travel with ORYX as a company and Daniel Bailey as my guide. Their collective direction and guidance have provided me with opportunities to freely experiment and test my skills. I have collected some incredible images and experiences, not least of all this latest safari.

    Covering Londolozi and MalaMala in 8 days, I revisited some favourite characters in the leopard population. It has been so special to return and find a precious cute cub grown into a formidable male leopard.

    This area of the world is where my soul breathes, under towering trees that have incalculable years under them, lining a living, moving Sand River which houses all manner of bushveld experiences that have become special memories for those who have visited her. My own new memories have a two-crocodile tangle over a hyena carcass, summer storms and rainbows of promise, delights of dung beetles rolling their wares away, new leopards I had not yet encountered, mating leopards and a little training in flash photography (need a lot more practice here…. Going to need to rebook :)) amongst many more sightings.

    Perspective - is the most valuable skill I have been able to develop through this journey to date, in photography and in life. With the ORYX team supporting me, I could leap into adventures I may not have had the courage to take on alone.

    Wishing all at ORYX a blessed festive season! I look forward to the adventures 2023 will bring

  • MadagascarArlene Courtney, USA

    This was a great photo tour. The accommodations were excellent for the locality. Dale and Daniel were excellent tour leaders. I really appreciated Dale's personality and willingness to accommodate all members of the tour. He gave us excellent photo advice and was always looking to put each guest into a good spot to see and photograph the wildlife. I know that some guests had physical mobility issues which made even relatively easy hiking difficult. Dale did his best to accommodate these individuals. The drivers who transported us from place to place were excellent as the roads in Madagascar are amazingly poor. I would gladly do another trip with Dale.

  • Private ZambiaJenny Brown, South Africa

    My recent private photo safari to the lower Zambezi National Park with ORYX Photo tours, was nothing less than incredible!

    What an amazing destination. Game viewing extends from options to canoe and explore the river via boat, as well as the conventional land cruiser. I even got try my hand at fishing for a tiger fish!

    Photographic opportunities were quite unique with the inlets from the Zambezi creating small oases in the bush for animals to drinks and feed at. The expanse of the river also provides beautiful photographic opportunities of hippos and crocodile not to mention incredible sunsets and early morning light! The winter thorn groves capture light in a way that makes for romantic bush scenes. Wildlife is abundant and pristine.

    All that’s left to say is I am counting the days until I can return.

    ORYX managed all my trip requirements and took the stress of travel out of my trip. I am already rebooked on another tour!

  • Private South AfricaJenny Brown, South Africa

    I recently travelled with ORYX to the Mala Mala Private Game Reserve. I called on them at the 11th hour and they seamlessly booked and planned everything. The destination was amazing, boasting incredible sightings. I look forward to many more photo tours exploring and learning in the wild places of Africa!

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