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Kristian Gillies

Kristian Gillies is a Wildlife Photographer, Expedition Guide and Biologist based on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Growing up on the beautiful South Coast of New South Whales in Australia, Kristian was immersed in the ocean and surrounding seascapes from a young age, quickly developing a passion for surfing. Spending every spare minute in the ocean, Kristian developed an interest in its inhabitants leading him to study Conservation Biology at the University of Wollongong.

After completing his degree, Kristian travelled to California where he undertook an internship studying the largest animal to ever live – the blue whale. During this internship, Kristian picked up his first DSLR camera and began his journey photographing wildlife.

After spending 4 years working as a Wildlife Biologist, Kristian found himself on a ship to Antarctica for his first season guiding and has never looked back. Kristian now works full-time as a Guide and Photographer, working in some of the planet’s most pristine and remote environments.

Kristian hopes to use his imagery to inspire others to care for the natural world by promoting the beauty and grandeur of the animals and landscapes around him.

Upcoming Tours with Kristian

There are currently no set departures with this guide, but please do contact the ORYX office at [email protected] and we will be delighted to tailor-make your dream Photo Tour with them.

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